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Wasting money, time, fraud and bad support on Fiverr

I am new to actually using Fiverr, but have had an account for a few years.

Recently I wanted to order a logo made for my YouTube channel and marketing.

I found a seller and paid for a logo. I described what I wanted in details and he started sending a couple of bad ideas and I almost gave up but then he finally did a really good version that we could work on until finished. I did the final touches in Photoshop myself.

I paid the guy double as a bonus. And I then went to a new seller and got it animated for 80$ USD.

After a few days I started to have this nagging feeling and I started searching for the images. I used image search online and in the end I realized the logo was swiped from a logo used by a tiny Tech company on Facebook.
I contacted the seller who kept denying and gave bad excuses. And then finally I contacted Fiverr and asked them what do do.
After writing Fiverr I followed up a few hours later when I realized that the image also existed as stock art. I asked Fiverr to not ban the user, but refund me the bonus and change or remove my 5 star review.

Now I should add the seller did not use nor pay for the stock art, but he took it from the Tech company, because the tech company had done two very tiny revisions (an added tooth and a blanked eye).

I contacted the tech company and got their permission to use my logo. I have plans to pay for the stock art as well.

So what did Fiverr do? They read the first but not second message in the support thread. And then they banned the guy (I don’t know if it is permanent or not). And refunded me.

My problem? I really like the final design. I have spent so much time ordering it and I have paid an extra 80$ to get it animated on Fiverr by a whole new seller.

I then wrote Fiverr again and begged them to reinstate the guy so I can pay him the original sum without the bonus (to teach him a lession) so I could move on.

It has taken me SIX days to get a reply from Fiverr and they refuse to help and refuse me the right to use the logo.

I honestly think it is incredible that they decide to ban the guy when a warning was enough. I can understand it to some extent, but since I have solved the problem for everyone involved it would give them money, give me a logo and allow the seller to be on with a warning. Instead Fiverr leaves me hanging and WASTED A WEEK WAITING FOR SUPPORT REPLY. And I wasted a few weeks.

I am so frustrated with this platform now!
First of all I realize there is little actual support, people wait forever to get a response. I also have realized how easy it is for sellers to sell plagiarized artwork. There is a reason why they can deliver in hours doing an original logo. I have identified accounts that send multiple bids on a job with the exact same text.

I have several smaller and larger projects I wanted to use Fiverr for, but I am not very confident in using this platform. I wanted a sci fi book logo for example. But how can I dare using this platform if I get plagiarized artwork. If you publish a book or use a logo in YouTube, you can’t just change it like that. It would make you liable for lawsuits.

I feel really down and everything I was supposed to work on has grinded to a halt while waiting for support. I wrote them back today and I guess I have to wait another week to get a new nothing-answer…

Soooooooooooooooo frustrated !!! :sob:


Oh so sad please don’t be disappointed.

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One way to be certain is to do a search before you complete the order. If you find it is indeed plagiarized, you can notify the seller and ask them to change it while extending the delivery time. If they refuse, you can request the order be canceled bu CS with your reason being “seller was unable to complete job”.

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Thank you - I appreciate it!


Yeah I learned the hard way to search more for the images. Though it is not fool proof and can be difficult in some cases. If the image has been changed enough a search might not yield results.

$80 is a decent chunk of change. I understand you feel bad about the seller being banned but if they stated they would do an authentic logo and tried to pass off someone else’s work as their own, they deserve the ban.

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@ [j6nyc6]

That’s true in a way, I guess. The seller did have it coming, but in banning him, Fiverr actually punished me as well.
My solution would have given me a logo, the seller a warning and Fiverr would get money. Everyone would have gotten something out of it.

I am not saying it is an easy solution, but I feel Fiverr left me hanging losing 80 USD for the animation and it is really frustrating. I actually did a bunch of changes myself on the logo in Photoshop. And wasted two weeks I don’t have time to lose…

Really sad I have to buy a new logo when I already have the one I want.

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If you got permission to use it from the tech company, use it!

Problem is that I will open myself up to the seller following me to the new channel and website (the name is part of the logo) and harassing me there. I am also opening myself up for Fiverr in turn to ban me for breaking the rules.

I have even thought about reaching out to the seller (he sent me his Instagram account) and simply paying him there. But that is also breaking Fiverr rules. But I am almost ready to sacrifice my Fiverr platform just to get on with it and not waste my time and money.

I am so frustrated and have lost so much time…

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oh, its very sad. don’t worry man. all seller is not so good and all seller is not so bad

Well, @lldrac, there is no easy way when it comes to support.
I’ve been here on Fiverr as a seller for over 8 years and I know when I say that support is the same for years and it won’t get better. One thing that I appreciate them for is standing by their rules. No matter what. You break it, you pay it.

Best way is to avoid getting in that area. Talk with the seller until there’s nothing left and ask a mutual cancellation.

Regarding logos, try to search for high-rating gigs, top rated sellers or at least level two with thousands of reviews. You will definitely have a different experience. There are great people here on Fiverr and great entrepreneurs. You don’t have to quit Fiverr just because one fail.

Keep it up! You can still use the logo though.

Kind regards

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I hate to say it because I’m seller myself however your seller basically “stole” a logo and that’s bannable offence and if you’ll purchase a stock art you will have rights to use that artwork even if your seller is banned.
You can purchase stock art and add couple of changes yourself in photoshop as you did before.
As for the seller, yes they can follow you however they don’t have rights for that image and therefore they don’t have right to demand from you not to use the logo that you purchased from stock.


The artwork based on the tech company and stock art indirectly is not the whole deal… the artist added wings and some other clothing and elements… so I can’t just buy the stock art and press GO