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Wasting time teaching new buyers about seller


Ever since I reached level two, the majority of my customers have been first-time Fiverr buyers. This doesn’t bug me - I have a fairly accessible set of gigs so I understand that my target market isn’t Fiverr-only folks. But lately I’ve been getting TONS of messages from people asking questions like:

"hi i need someone proofread edit my resume, can you do?"

Which is super frustrating. Obviously I can do that. Why the heck did you waste time contacting me? Unlike most sellers, I actually prefer NOT to be contacted ahead of an order because I find it a waste of time, especially when half my clients type like that. My gigs are meant to be easily understood so that people don’t have to ask what I do. I’ve had my gigs read, rewritten, and reread so many times to ensure readability and understandability that I don’t know what else to do to avoid these folks!

Another favorite message:

"Where do I attach my resume and how do I pay you?"

Honestly? How did you miss the giant green order button? Then I have to spend 5 minutes typing up my standard "Go to this link (link to gig), order what you want, make a payment, and Fiverr will take you through the steps to attach or add other info."

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but multiply 2 unnecessary messages per customer before even getting to an order?! It adds up! Plus if I can’t respond to an idiot right away, my response time goes down. Does anyone else have this problem?


Some people just want to waste our time, really! While you’re busy explaining how it work, they’re asking other seller for better price. That’s why

kjblynx said: Thing is, half the time these people still didn't order. I've learned it really is a complete waste.

I figured it out the hard way. I quoted someone $25 for a christmas gig, they said they were going to buy now so I went to sleep, thinking everything is fine. Next day I woke up to a message saying they didn't know how to order a $25 gig @-)

I mean the extras are there, the quantity are there...

After I explained, again they said they were going to buy now.

And I'm still sitting here waiting for their christmas order.


I usually just say, “I look forward to your order!” and if it comes, it comes. I, too, am spending a lot of time answering messages here but if I’m nice enough, they usually do become sales. So far, anyway, I have the patience for it. In most businesses, after all, a certain percentage of your time is going to be client contact, follow-ups, chasing leads, etc. I’m just so happy fiverr does most of that work for me by just being here!

That said, I totally get your frustration!!!


I had a buyer last night that said he didn’t even know how to find my gig. Really? How did you get here? How did you message me if you can’t find my gig? Even if you somehow arrived just on my profile page and didn’t actually find me through a specific gig, all of the gigs are on that profile page. All of them.

I try to be patient with people who are new to technology or maybe don’t spend as much time with it as I do, but it can get super frustrating, especially if they still need more help after I say, “click on my username here in our conversation and then find the most applicable gig on my profile page,” and they are still too confused to figure out how to buy.


Reply to @kjblynx: You have a good point - it’s not like I’m not getting orders. Give them the simplest directions possible and cut my losses. :slight_smile: I like your style! Thanks for commiserating with me!


Reply to @emasonwrites: I am so relieved that it’s not just me - the newbies are finding you too!! :slight_smile: I’ll try to take a page out of your book and be patient whenever possible. Although kjblynx did make a pretty compelling argument for moving on quickly… :wink: Thanks for the sympathy and reassurance that it happens to others!


Reply to @amandygran: I definitely have to take it on a buyer per buyer basis. There are definitely some requests that get a very short or no response at all. On the other hand, if someone really appears to be trying to understand what to do and is still struggling, I’ll try to extend a hand, as that’s more likely to result in a mutually beneficial relationship. But yeah, I just cannot justify spending a half hour coaching someone how to use the website when it’s really not that confusing to use.


What make a buyer that able to find a way here, does not always mean he/she is a savvy internet or online purchaser. Also English might not be his/her 1st or 2nd language.

Always listen and reply to customer questions and that make us a good seller.

Do you find a customer “super frustrating” when they contact you or rather no one find your sales thread in fiverr?

I even take the trouble to screen shot the payment process and tell him step by step on how to make the order.


Reply to @vince007: I think the real frustration is that there should be a FAQ page or a video tutorial that we can point buyers towards. Fiverr’s business model is all about making sales quickly, but if a large portion of their buyers find the website difficult to navigate or aren’t tech savvy enough to do the “clicking around” that would allow them to get to know the website, the entire process grinds to a halt. Some sort of tutorial that has Fiverr’s stamp of approval–especially because not all sellers have made purchases through Fiverr, so not all may be capable of providing a step-by-step, detailed tutorial themselves–would be ideal.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Yes I do agree on this part. Hope fiverr admins will take a look in this area.


I’ve finally drafted up a generic reply … feel free to edit and use however you wish!

I’d be happy to help with that! To place your order, start by visiting my gig page:

From there, scroll to the bottom and place your order for the basic gig and any other add-ons you would like. Click the big green Order Now button and Fiverr will prompt you through the payment process as well as how to attach the materials you want to me to use to complete your order.




Nice conversation. It sounds funny, but i can see its frustrating when people ask, whats supposed to be obvious questions and in business terms, the little minutes spent trying to be nice add up.

Thank ya all for sharing and commenting. I am new here and its good reading this piece as it would help me learn how to deal with such situation if they ever occurred!