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Watch Out - dangerous BR

Hi saw two terrible and worrying BR just now. One, I could report the seller, the other I could not.

Hello fellow producers, I need both production and mixing plugins you can share. e.g Valhalla, VST’s basically for a 32 bit system. hit me up if you wanna help.

I need an instrumental which I can distribute on Spotify that has the EXACT vibe and instruments as this instrumental: link to Trailer Swift. $5 is the wished budget. Thank you.

In both cases very against TOS. One is asking for stolen software and the other is asking for someone to help them breach copyright. In both cases, even making an offer can get you pinged.

Please be sure you stay very far from these sorts of people as they can only bring pain on all around them.



You’re a good man for highlighting this. But desperate and bad sellers will ignore such advice.

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And that is the truly sad thing.


What grosses me out most is the $5 budget.

That’s why I stay away from BRs.

Oh, and I agree.

It was wise of you to point these Buyers out to Fiverr (by reporting and sharing with the rest of us).