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Watch out! Don't be fooled by ratings! I just had the worst experience!

It’s interesting to see that some sellers could manage to get top ratings while they deliver poor work, miss deadlines and are very rude. When I searched the negative reviews, I found so many people had similar bad experience as me, but the seller still manage to get good reviews.

So the trick is to search for negative reviews, and don’t be fooled by positive ones, which could be fake!

Yes, that’s true what you say. But, again, negative reviews could also be a result of hostile buyer. Ask questions about the sellers and try to find out if they have any business history of what they are doing. I’m a seller, but also a buyer and I can understand and appreciate everything you said.

I don’t think it’s an issue of “fake reviews”. Most buyers are honest in the reviews they leave. And the majority of sellers seem to deliver great work worthy of positive reviews.

Sellers do not like negative reviews, so they either deliver great work worthy of a positive review from the beginning, or they work with a buyer who is not satisfied until they deliver work that results in a positive review.

I think, as a fiverr seller here, that we are just human and I know that we have our good and bad days just like everyone else. I am sorry for your bad experience with a seller, but it could have just been a stressful week or they could have had something personal going on. You never know. We are not always consistent as we are human.

Hi… this is my first experience of Fiverr… I don’t know what to expect following requesting a revision… ie time scale? I originally bought an upgrade to the gig to get it quicker and I did get the gig within 24 hours I was underwhelmed as some of my requirements were not taken into account but hey… that’s life… however, I have contacted the seller (revision plus 2 more) and no response? So how do you get in touch with customer services? It isn’t obvious… and what happens if I cancel my order is my money refunded? I can’t find that in FAQs… I am a newbie here…

@madmoo great advice! Hope most buyers will see your previous suggestions.

madmoo said: I think the key is to look at EVERYTHING - positives, negatives, response rates, gig descriptions...

YES that is the key and it only takes a few moments! You won’t go wrong looking at all the information provided! :lD

Yes it’s true. I am a buyer and a seller and I’ve bought from top rated sellers who delivered poor quality work and not on time.

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All that glitters is not gold.

My advice is to speak to the seller first, make everything clear and how they react to you. I would never do that! My reviews are 100% true! Good luck!

As a seller, first that I want from buyer is to contact me so I will know what he wants and all the others stuff :slight_smile:

Reply to @bugbond: Yes if you cancel it and the seller doesn’t respond within 2 days, or the seller approves your cancellation the money is refunded…

If you want to get in touch with customer services, you can click on this link --> Customer Support and make a ticket to raise your concerns… :slight_smile:

Reply to @theratypist: Thank you really helpful :slight_smile:

Reply to @mary1979: that’s an exellent logical answer… We don’t know the picture on other side…

Reply to @edume: I had an experience here as a buyer where I left a negative review for a Top Rated Seller. I revised the negative review a couple of times and it ended up coming up as the first review due to updation. Suddenly, another buyer started updating their review immediately thereafter so that it remained as the top review. This happened atleast 5 times and I realized that the seller was either using a friend to prop up the testimonial sequence or had a buyer who was so eager to get her good review on top or the seller has just made up a fake account and then kept propping up the testimonial sequence. So fake reviews are everywhere.

Reply to @mary1979: That isn’t an excuse for being unprofessional. This’s business, not a “mommy, make me a cake!” situation. I understand things happen. But saying “hey, I have a bad day, I have the right to chew other people head off.” is just childish.

Reply to @madmoo:

Well said! I love the
"You can explain what you need (if the details aren’t covered in the gig) and get things rolling quicker. You can also find out if what you want will cost more because a lot of people assume everything is $5 (despite it being stated on the gig)."
So true! Communication is king to getting what you want from a seller.

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