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Watch out for a mutual cancellation that you didn't make

Hi fellow sellers,

Just want to share my experience about mutual order cancellation.
I got notification of an order cancellation which it shown as “mutual cancellation”.
The order completed almost 1 month ago, around middle of december 2017. Buyer was happy with the delivery and left a good rating.
And just yesterday I receive notification that buyer cancel the order as a mutual cancellation. Big question mark appear on my forehead.

After I checked my earning details more further, I found out there’s another order that being deducted from my earning. Same story like above. Seem I missed the notification on that one. But this order was kind of frustrating. I spent my time for hours to follow the brief and did the job but buyer ask for refund, didn’t even ask for revision or try to communicate. You know like, hey do this job, ok I don’t like, refund! I decline the order cancellation because I have spents my hours to work on it and buyer didn’t even want to communicate.

Straight away contacted customer support and ask what was the issue with this mutual cancellation that I never make.

Here’s they reply:
"Thank you for reaching out to us. I am very sorry to hear about these less than pleasant experiences with these orders. We have reviewed these orders and see that they were cancelled due to chargebacks with the users payment providers. We have reviewed your orders and we have gone ahead and added these funds back to your account.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us know if you need any further assistance."

I was relief to hear the reply. Although I am not sure which order from my case above that they will funds back to my account.

Whenever you see a mutual cancellation that you didn’t make straight away contact Fiverr support.

Hope this post is useful.


Thanks for this. I just got what I am sure is a chargeback yesterday from an order I completed two weeks ago. I hate having my completion rating take a needless hit, but if I can at least get the funds back I will feel a little better about it.

This can be a real pain in the ass,thanks for your advice, but this can happen duo to paypal cancellation-buyer has canceled his order via paypal ,fiverr have no influence with this even tho i think it should have.

Wish you good luck!

I sent an inquiry to CS about my situation and they confirmed that it was a chargeback–but thy gave me the same boilerplate response I have gotten in the past with chargebacks. Which basically boils down to, that’s too bad but we don’t get paid when this happens either, and there is nothing we can do.

Happily, I haven’t had a chargeback for a number of years. But, I still feel irritated that the sellers have to bear the full brunt of the risk of chargebacks when we can’t do anything to contest the chargeback. Because the money was paid to Fiverr, they have to contest the chargeback. I doubt it is profitable for them to pursue them. But, since I am out $120, it would be worth my time to at least send an email to contest the chargeback.

It also irritates me that this affects my completion rating for the next 60 days.

Oh well. Complaining won’t solve anything. I am fortunate to be in the position that this loss isn’t crippling, just annoying. I will just have to go and make that money back.

I am curious about what the difference between your situation and mine is.

Yes the buyers did it via paypal. Thankfully, Fiverr refund both the orders.

Sorry that I didn’t reply this earlier, I just manage to see that I have feedback to my post.

I am sorry to hear your experienced… Lucky for me that they refund both orders (around $ 60 if I am not mistaken). Is it because the amount smaller than yours or they have their own judgement why did they refund me, I have no clue. I didn’t pay attention if it was affecting my completion rating or not.That time I was already hopeless that they will refund me, because when there’s some cases that I met an order when buyers acted abusive they only response that they will watch the buyers behaviors but no real action goes with it.