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Watch out for buyer fragglesrock


This guy (I assume it’s a guy) asked me to write a letter promoting a security training seminar he was hosting. He bought the gig with 1-day turnaround. I delivered an excellent letter right on schedule and even made a couple of suggestions how he could improve his website. After I delivered the letter, he wrote back and said he didn’t like it. “No problem. Your gig includes one free revision. Please tell me what I can do to improve the letter.” Instead of giving me revisions, he tried to cancel the order - I refused since I had done the work - and then he retaliated by giving me a 1-star review that wrongly accused me of plagiarism. (I used some of the verbiage from his website in two sentences. 99% of the letter was my original work.) He’s obviously out to get something for nothing. What do you want to bet he uses my letter after all.

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First of all I think calling usernames on the Forum is not allowed!

Getting back to the point, write to Customer Support asking to remove the rating trying to justify it! But I guess it’s a little hard to convince them! If it doesn’t turn out to be good, I recommend cancelling the order because still that gig of yours is in its early days and a with a 5 star rating you can earn the amount you lose pretty soon rather than having a 4.8 star rating and having reduced sales! But before doing that, make sure that cancelling the order will remove the 1-star feedback as well!

Good Luck!