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Watch Out For Gig-Stealing Vultures!


There are people who are so lazy and uncreative, that they have to steal ideas, images, and so on. I understand people may have the same offer, but when you go so low as to stealing people’s descriptions and images, thats when i have a problem with it.

I’ve had people steal my gig title & description word from word. I’ve even had someone steal an image that i created. They painted over my fiverr url, and put theirs. Can you believe that??

This is why i periodically search for certain keywords to see if anyone has stolen my content. When I find sellers doing so, I report it and it gets removed.

Recently, I got a welcome email from a company saying my website was ready. I checked out the website, and realized someone stole my email address from my google plus page, and created an account with it. I then searched on fiverr and figured out the seller who did it. How? Because they had one buyer and the buyer’s user name matched the website that was created. I was pissed. I did a “forgot my password” option, changed it, and then deleted the website. I immediately contacted the company and fiverr. The account was shut down by the company.

I dont understand what was the point of stealing/using my email address to perform such a task, but justice was served. The seller has a 0% feedback rating, he hasnt been online in over a month, and his buyer eventually found my gig, and ordered from me.

So, the moral of the story is, scan fiverr for sellers who’ve stolen your content.


You will run into this problem a lot. I think fiverr should come out with a way people can’t save images on peoples gig page or copy / paste text


@shawnecannon Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but there’s still other ways to steal it. I don’t think they’ll ever be a 100% secure method. I don’t want to put big watermarks all over my images but that seems to be the only way to prevent it from happening.


Sadly, anything that can be seen can be copied and taken in moments. Hopefully the original, with more orders, feedback and length of time on site would always appear first in searches anyway.

That being said, duplicate word for word content and even images could certainly be auto checked/matched if they so chose.

I know a couple of law firms that are starting to make a very good living at using this kind of technology scanning the entire web for clients!


Lol @madmoo ikr. I can’t help but to check though. I created a certain phrase, and I rank #1 on google for it, so I want to keep it that way. Plus, those who steal will be reported and removed. People can duplicate but can never do what I do for my buyers. I put way more work and energy in everything I do.


I agree @whatweb


Reply to @whatweb: My attorney already does that for me and his other clients.


The internet is a gift and a curse.


Reply to @musiclover: Absolutely.


Reply to @arnevb: Yes, its ridiculous. If a person really have skills to do the same gigs, it would make since for them to develop their own content and images to set themselves apart. It’s usually some new seller with no rating. I don’t know nor understand their purpose.


Yes it’s happened to me too unfortunately. It’s just a fact with this internet marketing thing… Unless you have a very unique skill, many people can simply copy your idea.

I’ve seen even worse… Websites where people sell other people’s Fiverr offer, but charge alot more.

For example, someone had taken the videos from many “Video testimonial” gigs on Fiverr, and edited them to remove any mention of “Fiverr”… they would then sell these “Video testimonials” for alot of money to people, and when the order comes through, they simply buy the video testimonial off the person on Fiverr for $5 and keep the difference.

By the way, what someone said about “The older gig with more orders” etc being featured first in search results isn’t always true, sometimes a “imposter” gig will rank higher… Maybe they are using better keywords or something.

musiclover said: The internet is a gift and a curse.

I also think some of the older ideas of "Intellectual Property" (a big part of my business by the way) are going to have to change dramatically.

The hackers have it right. INFORMATION wants to be FREE (and for now we'll settle for $5 on Fiverr). :)


Well it’s the internet and it’s full of shady people. Hope admin will find a way to track these kinds of characters.


Reply to @yankee77: yeah people do that to me all the time. What can you do though? I can’t cancel every suspicious order. It sucks that people are profiting more off my hard work. They could at least have the decency to order $20+ worth of tips.


Reply to @musiclover: Yeah, it wouldn’t be so bad if they were a genuine affiliate seller and getting a fair cut of the profit, but when they edit the seller’s video and sell it for exorbitant prices on other sites it’s pretty sad. It would be cool if Fiverr introduced a genuine affiliate system though, that could work well with some gigs I think.


I am sure Fiverr will be cracking down on this soon enough.


Reply to @yankee77: yeah that would be cool.


Reply to @hotwebideas: probably so.


I just found two more low lifes who have stolen my content, and my image. Reported! Fiverr needs to disable the right-click compatiblity and add a script to detect & reject duplicated content.


Reply to @musiclover: agree for right click disability and detect/reject duplicate content