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Watch out for people overcharging!

People here are charging a lot more than your local web developer shop! I usually use a few shops in my area but when they are busy I come here. Well my developer said go to fiverr its an easy job and don’t pay more than 50 dollars. So I place a request for 50 and I got offers for like 300, 250, and 450 dollars??? Seriously??? I thought fiverr was the place to come get a fair quote! These people wanna get rich too quick and they are scaring their customers away!

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That’s all very well, but we don’t know what your “easy request” is to make a judgement about this overcharging, which makes this just another mealy-mouthed whine.

Didn’t know I had to entertain you!

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Thats crazy, even around here in rather expensive part of the world, for 50 you can get up to 40 minutes worth of web development work done with a local developer.

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We don’t actually know what job he wanted done. It makes this complaint meaningless. See how he’s refusing to elaborate?

Who are you to say what overcharging is? If you don’t like the answers to your request, then move on and look for someone else. Just because you’re not willing to pay $300 for a job that is worth $300 doesn’t mean everyone should come down to your price point. I have a gig (paused right now) for creating ebook covers that I charge $100 for. What you will get is a one-off cover that no one else will get, from an artist that will create the cover to be unique and eye catching. I am not going to do gigs for $5. No matter how much you complain about how my price is too high.


Who says the job is even worth $300? lol. She’s saying their price was 6X the price of what local shops charge… so the job obviously isn’t worth that amount. And she never said she wanted the job to be done for $5. lol. She said it’s normally about $50 locally. There’s fair, and then there’s being taken advantage of. That’s why there’s consumer protection laws in place (in the U.S,) for this sort thing. Because people try to scam by charging exorbitant fees for a small job.

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You’re aware you’re responding to a 3-year old thread, where the OP no longer has an active account? You’ve also created your own thread separately to complain about sellers overcharging.

I don’t really understand what your complaint is? Fiverr is a free market, where sellers are entitled to charge what they like for the services they offer. Here you can buy a logo for $5, $50, $500, $5,000… It’s up to you as a buyer to decide what you’re willing to pay, and if you believe a job is worth something.

I think labelling someone a ‘scammer’ because they charge more than you wish to pay is a bit extreme.

If you think something is too expensive, don’t enlist the services of that seller.


If you go to a local developer, they’d charge you $10,000 or more. I think Fiverr is great to get these jobs done.

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