Watch out for Scam - Be Safe


If you see any posts offering you contact info for Yahoo, Gmail, Google, Hotmail or other common sites - do not trust them. The creeps typically don’t write well, but they come around even worse during holidays. This particular scam is primarily used for phishing. If you see a suspicious post, click report and ignore it. To scammers - this forum is now moderated so go put your slime elsewhere.

Thank you to the person who reported the recent attempt. Thanks to that it was gone in minutes. We can’t always get things that fast but reports on real spam/scam helps!


Appreciate you.


Yes I can’t stand those.


That’s a fantastic gig idea too, for those who can spot, explain why and ultimately help people who would otherwise be victims of a phishing scam. Obviously, don’t do this unless you can read English well enough to see it, or simply want to introduce your own, equally rubbish scheme into it.

Since so many of you come from super-religious nations, it might make you money, but you will go to Hell. Your immortal soul is worth more than the stolen riches.


Lol, you crack me up! Have Merry X-mas b.t.w.