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Watch out for scams!

So recently i had someone message me saying they would order 10 gigs a day for his website. Crazy right? He gave me a link to his “website” and i clicked on it. Well this person never responded back to me when i said i was very interested. I had about $100 in my fiverr account. When i went to go take it out, it was gone! I started freaking out and came to find out someone changed my paypal account to theirs. Of course immediately I contacted customer support and also changed all my passwords and security questions. Well i think this is the first time customer support actually helped lol. They temporarily stopped anyone withdrawing any funds from my account so he wouldn’t get anymore of my money. They eventually pretty much made sure no one could get into my account except me. They told me not to click on any suspicious links that people send you and it made me remember the “10 gig guy”. Unfortunately i couldn’t get back the money i lost but it made me more cautious. So just for all you sellers out there don’t click any suspicious links!

OMG that must have been a very skilled but immoral hacker. I feel sorry for you, your hard earned money now in the hands of an asshole. Maybe fiverr can do a chargeback since it’s payed to paypal you know, paypal always makes it possible to chargeback…


BTW maybe I’m interested in one of your instagram shoutouts… let’s have a look :slight_smile: