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Watch Out For Shady Buyers


So, I just completed an order, and I feel screwed over. After talking to a persistent client, I worked on an order with a time limit. Not only did I complete their work in less than 2 hours, but I had an abundance of work. They file a complaint, saying my English was poor and work was horrible- remind you, I am actually American and have edited papers for a long time, whereas their English was very poor. I agree to this, just to avoid any further arguments (they were already being naggy/difficult). Go figure- after agreeing, I go to message them to see the real issue, and they have deleted their account, after having the work attached and being refunded.

Beware sellers. I don’t want anyone else to be out of funds because of cheap buyers. I feel like we should create a blacklist.


You should try to get contact with support of fiverr…
and about fake, cheap buyers there is nothing to do with it… as a fiverr member since 3 years i met many of this type buyer, some one gave bad review some one tried to get refund, so i know how you feel like.


I am going to. It’s ridiculous to me. If we could make a blacklist for these types, that would be wonderful. I have had over 400 orders and barely any issues. This was a first, so I don’t want anyone else falling for this.


Wow that’s a new low for a scammer. I have been in your situation and I can feel it. Well, he won’t be able to do this for long. These repeat offernders normally run their course and karma kicks them in the 'you know the general area down there :slight_smile: ’ Damn… i wish i could punch that guy in the face.


thank you! I already reported him to Fiverr and screenshot the interactions between him and I. Any time I have ever had an issue (which is rare), I resolve it through messages without a problem. It’s sad what people will do.


I think that in another post in the forum we have already asked fiverr if we can see buyers feedback on their profiles. Then at least we can see if someone else has had a bad experience.

Things to watch out for is haggling over price. I always make it clear about pricing and if I am unsure a buyer understands I double check it with them.

Tarnia x