Watch Out For The Newest Scam!


I got this message today:

"hi there i got a litlle problem, i need you to help me with a link check,its eazy, just click & paste, thats it , this way we can check our system to see if it realy works, ge back to me if your interested … its the eazyest $5 ever…"

Obviously a scam! Please report if you come across it!


Sheriff’s note: Whilst we appreciate the warning, please do not name users on the forum. Thanks






If there are active scamers on fiverr why shouldn`t we provide their username on the forum so people can be even more attentive?

Or this scam is from a virus and people can sent this message without even knowing?


Reply to @madmoo: Thank you for the reply madmoo! It would be super-awesome if fiverr would integrate a system that tells you when you are leaving the website ( saw this in the suggestion box).