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Watch out for this buyer

I am sorry if this is against the rules, but I want to speak out against a buyer who posts on the buyer requests that he wants a story with focus on women’s feet. This guy wants a very unusual request (who am I to judge); thing is, he will ask you for sample after sample of writing, and to correct this and to tweak that… and when you grow tired and say you won’t give any more samples or send him an offer he refuses to buy. Do not send him samples; he only wastes your time.

Edit: Fiverr had already blocked him, so I think I’m doing the right thing by calling him out here… there must be a reason why he was blocked in the first place (with a different username).


or you can wait and not give your work away without an order present.
No order - no work. Simple. Safe.


I know, but since my gig is so based on customers’ needs (you know, erotica writing) I do want to focus on the customer’s needs. Don’t be rude and sarcastic.

Also, I wanted to warn people since this user had already been blocked by Fiverr, so there must be something there.

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There!!! Fortunately he didn’t go full creep with me, but I KNEW something was wrong!!! (I didn’t want to go more into that because I didn’t know if I would be judging the buyer or invading his privacy, but yeah, I did have to stop him in his tracks once or twice and say “I DON’T WRITE THAT”.)

Edit: Thanks Catwriter!

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I’m guessing that you have no plans to send him pictures of your feet, either. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For clarification, when you run into something that gives you concern, report it to Customer Support. You may also warn others on the forum about the general issues, but you may not ever post any of the buyer usernames on the public forum.

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I’m reading the other threads. I’m guessing he kinda toned it down, since he never asked for pictures of my feet. Then again since I don’t have a “real person” photograph I guess he hesitated. He also asked for the girl being stabbed and that was when I was like NO I DO NOT DO THAT. Eventually he just went on and that was when I saw the thing was not about feet, but was more about… falling… It was weird, and his asking for samples eventually both creeped me out and pissed me off.

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Fonthaunt, thanks. That’s why I didn’t post his username. (Though seeing threads from many months ago, he might have had a plethora of them).

I didn’t know if I should report him to CS because he was in this sort of grey area with me, asking for something that could just be a strange kink, borderline creepy, but I was trying hard to be non-judgmental. If he had done what I have read on the Feb threads, I would have reported him on the spot. Now I know.

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Cheaper than specialist sites.


As far as reporting to CS, it just depends on how you feel, so I can understand making that decision based on the individual situation. Adult writing is not against the ToS as long as the subject matter itself isn’t illegal, so buyers can request writing on adult topics without breaking any rules. In those cases it is probably sufficient just to be honest with the buyer if the request crosses too many lines for you. I would suggest that you don’t ever provide any free work at all. You could provide a series of short samples of writing (erotic or not) with watermarks and send those to any buyer who asks without doing any custom work. If they ask you to make the sample content specific to their tastes, though, that should be done only after a paid order. You can even set up a $5 gig that is just for custom samples, and then make a more expensive gig when it goes past the word count of a sample.

If a buyer requests something that is illegal, such as writing on topics involving children or writing stories accompanied by photos of yourself - anything that crosses those boundaries is best reported to CS.


Thanks a lot, everyone (yes, Uncarved, you too!)

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This guy is still on Fiverr? I got him months ago!! He spammed me to no end. I reported him but it wouldn’t work. I kept getting his messages. I’m not even a writer; my gigs are all audio-based. Then again, the foot fetish requests come regularly. Don’t know if it was the same person, but one kept asking me to describe “how would you fall and what would your feet do” and insane things like that over and over again. I should have gone to customer support.

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He’s back in Buyer Requests! Like I said, I didn’t report him because I thought he just had a kinky story in mind, but noooo. Run to CS when you find him!

Buyer is back with username ***. Just saw his requests while going through the buyers requests.

Mod Note: Do not name other users in this manner.

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