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Watch out for ****************


Please don’t make the same mistake i did. I have a gig offering where I like to evaluate thile gig before taking it on. My first gig I was contracted through the fiverr email and then did the job and delivered. A client named ************. After delivery and request for payment he was never heard from. I know stupid me. I think people are honest but from this I have learned always payment upfront. Never again.

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you are supposed to first have an order placed, and only then do you do the job and deliver it. Never do work without getting an order first or this will continue to happen.

I’m surprised this isn’t obvious.


Yeah thanks for pointing out what I already pointed out as my mistake. I have a gig where I have to evaluate the order first and then also approve after delivery. The buyer contracted me via the email conversation then never paid. I get how it works. I was basically saying don’ deal with this user and don’t trust anyone no matter how kind they were.


Fiverr is a place
where trust goes to die, sadly
hope? Only despair