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Watch out! On-time Delivery stats


So as I suspected even if as a seller you deliver your job on time and the buyer decides they want changes which drag on after your completion deadline - Fiverr still regards the delivery as late in your stats -

from fiverr support…
Any modification requests from the buyer will extend the delivery time measured in this statistic.

so you have been warned :slight_smile:


I always file a order resolution with the client, which is no charge and asks for the needed time (option extend deadline), resetting. the clock.


didnt know that


It just shows as “late” but it doesn’t really affect your stats or account.


Sorry but I’m pretty sure it does. Did you read the reply I got …

“Any modification requests from the buyer will extend the delivery time measured in this statistic.”


I am having some issues with a buyer. Order is on “modification” for more than a month and my “Delivered on Time” is still 100%. Most of the times it take me 2 days (sometimes even 3-4 days) to make requested changes. It always shows “LATE” on the timer but I never got penalized for that. I have completed 6000+ orders. My “Delivered on Time” stats never went below 98%

But of course, what you said might be true as well, even CS confirmed that. I complete tons of order and because of that it might not be affecting that much. You should always try to deliver 1-2 days before deadline.


I hope this should not be true. What if have a 24 hours delivery order and finish it on time? Buyers have 3 days to ask a revision. So we are always late if they ask revision after 1 day later of delivery. :frowning:


I don’t know about your case but all I can say is that I’m on 86% and I only remember being late 3 times max. I’ve done about 28 orders so don’t understand the maths
Even allowing for the 60 days rule my stats don’t make sense
I can’t really be bothered chasing admin if they are just going to say the same thing again


Thats the way I understand it -


I checked one of my old support ticket where I asked CS the same question. Their response was “As long as you made the initial delivery before the delivery deadline. You should be okay. The order is essentially paused until you redeliver. You should only be concerned when the order status actually changes to “Late” that is when it will impact your delivered on time percentage.”


As far as i know the above statement is correct… it will not affect the on time delivery status


when you are talking with the buyer you know the nature of the buyer and her reponse time so you should try to agree the buyer for extend the delivery time. thanks