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Watch out sellers!


I just learned something new, directly from support! Fake reviews are now totally acceptable D:

So if someone orders your gig blindly and expects/requests something your gig does not provide, and they rate the gig based on that, you or support can’t do anything about it!

Think we need some seller protection asap before everyone requests something we don’t sell!


Please stop spamming the forums with requests for people to check out your gigs. You’re not going to find buyers here on the Fiverr forum.


That’s why if a customer is seeking something else besides what you do then you resolve it. I don’t allow confused customers to rate my gigs. Only people who are familiar with what I do.


For the image alone your account should be removed from Fiverr. You are spreading private information like addresses and phone numbers of people, fucking asshole.

And b.t.w. a marketing pro doesn’t spam forums.
Plus: a fake location will not help you either.


Same thing happened to me. The buyer order, but he had no idea what he wants and haven’t replied after placing the order. After delivering the order, he also didn’t replied within 3 days. And when the order got automatically completed he left a 2-star rating with 400 words negative feedback. And the Fiverr support is refusing to remove the review even after cancellation of the order. I don’t know how to deal with it. It hampered my profile tremendously and so i am not getting any orders now. Can any one help me by telling what to do now?


I don’t understand why some sellers use Forum for advertisement purpose.its not your marketplace.


Those who advertise their GIG/service in fiverr forum are cancer to fiverr community.these idiots doesn’t belong here ! :confused:


Even I had the same issue with my buyer. After cancellation the feedback was not removed. Then I requested my buyer to ask the fiverr support team to remove the feedback. The buyer created the ticket and asked the Support Team to remove the feedback & they removed it after getting the approval from buyer.