Watch out they are stealing profiles on fiverr!


FIVERR AND FIVERR SELLERS! I got a message from (Fragglesrock) claiming he was willing to order 25 orders a day…it sounded far fetched but hey I shot for it. He asked for google information and verification codes before we would start. I gave it to him just to see what would happen shortly afterwards. My profile was stolen. My email was changed slightly so I couldn’t log back in and he shut me out of my emails. If I wasn’t a computer science major I wouldn’t have known what to do to get all this back…plus linking my account to Facebook really helped out! YOU ARE AWESOME FIVERR! So sellers, buyers, everyone! Please watch out for false buyers trying to steal your profile. There is not telling how many fake profiles he’s made and how many profiles he’s stolen. THIS IS YOUR FAIR WARNING…AND FIVERR INVESTIGATE THIS JERK!


Contay The Hero

Sheriff’s note: Please do not call out sellers or buyers on the forum. The screenshot of the conversation has been removed for this reason. If the names and details are obscured then it’s allowed, but any matters like this need to be dealt with by customer support


This has been happening for a while. Never ever give out information like this. Nobody ever needs the verification codes for any orders–it’s a clear sign that there is a problem. You were lucky that you knew what to do, and maybe that is why you choose to give the codes to see what would happen. However, many people don’t.

Please don’t give these codes or any personal information to buyers or sellers–or those posing to be them.


And… Don’t give out your info.

Fiverr Support may not help because you broke their TOS by communicating outside Fiverr.

Good luck.

aingham69 said: Never ever give out information like this.

bigbadbilly said: Fiverr Support may not help because you broke their TOS by communicating outside Fiverr.

kjblynx said: You should contact fiverr Customer Support directly

Yes, what they said!


Yes i just got a message from him too, sounded very dodgy so i did a quick google search on his username ‘fragglesrock’ and found this. He also asked me to contact him using his gmail acount which i did not do, i used the fiverr messaging system to reply and decline his request. Thanks for the heads up! Sellers beware!


Some buyers are also providing there contact information in “attachments” when they send messages


Thanks For The Information :slight_smile:


Did this conversation happen outside of Fiverr?

There, perhaps, is the answer, follow the rules, stay safe.

It’s not rocket science.


I got this and ignored the link. Just too dodgy looking and outside the TOS etc etc. Reported it to CS.