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Watch your gig in recommended gigs


Hy !

I want to see my gig in recommended gigs Can anyone tells me that what is the procedure??


No idea what the process is. I just started rather recently and one gig ended up on the recommended gigs and ended up getting 9 orders for it. The rest of my gigs as of yet haven’t received a single one! So not sure why this one got on, and not others. I looked at the quality of the other gigs next to mine and they all seemed rather hit or miss, IMHO.


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Hello ma’am,

There is no specific procedure to get your Gig in the ’ Recommended’ section.

Your gig is selected and placed under ‘Recommended’ by Fiverr’s Content Editors and you gig stays there for a while before going down the page.

Hope that helps.

God bless you


That’s the SECRET of Fiverr :smiley:


Reply to @sanjularox: then please tell me that secret


if anyone of you know that secret plz tell me i will pay yu fee for tht :))


Reply to @jenniferdetar: but that is not a proper answer

I am not agree with this


Reply to @awais99: Yes Ofcource if i know this then i will tell to all of my friends


Reply to @jenniferdetar: okay but i am very wonder to see that some of peoples which are new arrivals are in recommended gigs.

How are they i don’t know

But i think that anyone can help me from this


Reply to @jenniferdetar: ok thankss for your information


Any other is there who know about this??


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Reply to @aaliachuhdary: Well only Fiverr knows the so called “secret”.

If you sort the Gigs with high ratings you would still see gigs with less reviews above the gigs with more reviews.

Why? Fiverr knows it maybe.

I got this reply when I asked them why : The “high rating” search is a not a guarantee that your gig will appear there.


Thanksss for information


Reply to @aaliachuhdary: My pleasure ma’am.




I think nobody is there who know the right answer about my question.


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