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Water mark before final delivery?

Hi to everyone and thanks for reading this post.
I really want to know your opinion about this.

I´m a music composer here on Fiverr
Once more, i deal with buyers that like to take advantage from you.

They are never happy, and they ask for changes… “not revisions”

They like the music, so, they say… Ohhh… I love it… Then…… I want that… Oh… I like it…
What about if you add another instrument ? Ohhhhhh…… It is beautiful,
but could you change the end? And so on…

If you tell them that you are not going to make more changes, then
you can tell for the way they write, that they are not happy, so you are
in the risk of having a bad review.

Final result? They get 2, or 3, or more versions of the music, and you work so many
hours for a few $

Here is the question:
How many of you do the WATER MARK THING ! I thought it would be a good idea !

Either musicians or illustrators, !! Do you use water mark?

I thought it would be a good idea just delivering with water mark.
Once the client is happy with the work, then you deliver the final product without water mark.

Like this, we sellers avoid people taking advantage of us !
Do you think is a good idea ?

Thanks for advance for sharing your opinions.

Have a good one.

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You should definitely use a watermark in this situation!
Being a musician myself I understand the hard work that goes into composing entirely new music and then having to change parts here and there, it can get frustrating.
I currently work in voice over and I always get asked to do a sample of the script, which I am more than happy to do, however I watermark my “auditions” for this very reason. I usually use a click track that I have modified for this, and you can tell who wanted free work and who didn’t. It’s usually the people who ask “what is the blip sound in the background, is this a corrupted file?” even after I had explained before sending the file that it will be watermarked.
I think one thing fiverr can do to protect us from this type of thievery is to change the way the product is delivered. The buyer should be allowed to review the final product for errors and request revisions if needed, however they shouldn’t be allowed to download the file until they close out the order. That to me is just common sense and I don’t understand how it doesn’t work that way already. This is especially true for musicians, voice actors and other audio producers.

Thank you so much for your opinion jcrounsevo
Yes, I´m agree with you about the water mark !

Also, I think that the client could be advised with a message like "Once the job is done i´ll delivered to you with a watermark, once you accept it, I will deliver the final product without the watermark"
As a matter of fact, one of my clients gave me the video that I needed to compose the music and it had watermark.
jcrounsevo, I’m very agree with you with what you said about the downloading before accepting the job.

I think that would be great. Besides, they didn’t accept it yet right ? So why they have to have the work?

Is pretty obvious that this can allow a lot of people that wants to take advantage of the situation getting work for free.
Finally like you said, i´m agree with the watermark solution. Definitely !

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