Water Mark for Zip Files


I just face a case, normally when we upload a delivery with images it has a water mark, but what about the zip files.

Recently one of my frnd have the case he send files in a zip, the buyer got them and then cancel the order sayng that he didnt like just cancel no other reason.

so i thought he got the files then do this, if they were water marked or some other option for many files. then it wll be great.

Also some time user got the zip files and forgot to mark the order completed and to rate and feedback because he got what he want, if they were water marked then then he must have to mark the order so he can have the orignal files.

So there should be somethng for the zip files security.


Watermarking ZIP files is not possible, and you are referring to watermarking the individual files inside a ZIP archive - watermarking the files of a ZIP archive is something that you should do, not Fiverr, because imagine how difficult it is to implement a watermarking system that can handle so many different types of files (images, documents, scripts, executables, not to mention nested ZIPs inside other ZIPs!, and I haven’t even mentioned the risks Fiverr would face when a seller unwillingly puts a virus in the ZIP without them knowing they even had a virus, thus spreading to Fiverr).

You can’t force buyers into giving you a rating/feedback by watermarking their files - once the order is delivered, the buyer gets the rights on your files, and they can walk away without leaving feedback if they wish so.


Maybe the watermark will be Fiverr.zip


My point wasa they forgot to mark the order completed as a result we wait for auto mark and as a result payment process late etc… just as they got everythng… but you are right regardng feedback we cant foce them but they shlud at least mark the order complete so the process payment get fast… :slight_smile:


Marking the order complete can be done only by leaving feedback as far as I remember. You can’t force your buyers to mark your orders as complete just so that you get your money faster - your buyers don’t care about how fast you get their money, they care about the work you deliver to them.


Yah…that true we cant force them n any case… :slight_smile:


Fiverr can already watermark image files. Fiverr could (I’d think) implement a system so that if you upload a .zip file, any image files in it would be watermarked the same way they already watermark image files. eg. there’s functions areadly written for PHP for reading and writing zip files. I assume that would work. I don’t think a virus infected file in the zip file would cause a problem (and I’m assuming the PHP code would validate everything correctly), as Fiverr wouldn’t be executing any files within the zip file.


What if a ZIP file would have 100 or 1,000 images? What if it has nested ZIP files as well? Also, if 100 sellers deliver bigger ZIP files with many images at the same time and all have to be watermarked, how would that not overheat or block the entire Fiverr system? :smiley:


Fiver could set limits. eg. it could watermark the first so many images (eg. 50 or 100) in the zip file. I don’t see why it would need to read nested zip files (zip files within zip files?). If that was a problem I’m sure Fiverr could just say they won’t read those. With limits on A) the file sizes of the zips and B) the number of images they would watermark within it (say the 1st 100) I think they could do it without problems.


True, but then sellers would go nuts because the buyer left with a ZIP archive with only 50-100 images watermarked and the rest unwatermarked and ready to be used however they want :stuck_out_tongue:


Question, why would you watermark the final delivery? Or are we talking about demos?


I assume so the ‘buyer’ doesn’t cancel/reject the order/delivery, get their money back, and keep and use the images (or video/audio etc.).

If the images (and zips with images) were watermarked until the buyer accepted the delivery or when it was automatically marked as complete, the buyer wouldn’t easily be able to use the images. etc. without paying (ie. they couldn’t reject/cancel the order and still use them).


Yes thats why i posted regarding the zip as normally buyers got what they want and didnt mark the order completed as a result we are late on pay rate etc… sometime buyer got the files nd he say didnt like and cancel the delivery regardless he took the data. so seller in loss