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Watering hole for scammers

I’ve only been a seller for one day, and so far, I have had 4 messages. Each message (yes, 100% of them) were scammers. Note, I did not say “spammers”. These 4 messages received were of people trying to gain access to my local computer. Probably in hopes of stealing my credit card numbers and bank information. I am already to the point where I do NOT recommend ANYONE to use Fiverr. You’re unsafe here. And I figured that out on day 1.


What should we do? Any suggestions to protect ourselves?


Well, when I build a website, I use more security features than Fiverr. I don’t these “dangerous” people on my sites. I think Fiverr needs to reconsider their back-end. Besides that, just don’t ever give anyone, for any reason, remote use of your computer. Apparently, those are the only people messaging sellers. Noone, for any reason, needs remote access to your computer unless you know them personally, they work for your computer’s manufacturer’s IT department and you agreed to the assistance, or they work for your operating system’s manufacturer and you agreed to the assistance. Also, saving credit card information and bank information is a bad idea but very easy to mistakenly do.


I had my router software upgraded by the manufacturer by allowing a representative to take over my computer. It worked great after she did that. No more dropped internet connections.

But that’s kind of obvious isn’t it, not to do that for some stranger who sends you a message asking to do it? I wouldn’t do that.


Also, don’t respond to anyone that mentions upwork. Upwork is a competitor of Fiverr. If you want to use Upwork, go there directly. Not because someone on Fiverr wants to “pay you monthly” to help them out.


So what if you keep getting messages like that? Will you stay on fiverr?


I doubt it. I imagine I won’t get one single sale from Fiverr. I’ll bet, three months down the road, I will have had 800 scam messages and ZERO legit messages.

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Sorry to hear that! I’ve been here a long time and only gotten one of those messages but I just blocked the person from sending more messages. They seem to target new people.


Yea, I’m sure they do target new people. “Fresh meat” they call us. They figure, one person will give into them and they’ll steal a lot of money from the innocent people that don’t know any better. But, these sites never work anyways. I was on upwork (a similar site to Fiverr) and never once got any gigs.

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I’ve been here seven years and done ok. But then it’s an individual thing probably. I will say this, this site has a lot of people who buy things on it. And I mean a lot. You might be surprised if you stick it out a while how well you do.


It’s Fiverr’s fault. Not the sellers. They don’t show the gigs to anyone. How are you suppose to get any sales if noone sees your gigs?

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Good question. Last I heard they had over a million gigs so they probably pick out ones they like or something like that to show.


They pick out the ones that “are popular”. But how are you suppose to get popular if you need to be popular to get popular? They should do it randomly, instead of just showing the popular gigs. How I would do it is to create a section titled, “New Gigs” and every new gig would be randomly displayed in this section, giving the unpopular gigs a chance.

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From what I’ve heard people talking about, that’s pretty much what they do. They boost new gigs a lot with a lot of exposure for a month or two. They constantly move gigs around all over the place, new ones or old ones, constantly changing positions. It makes it had to know from one day to the next where your gig will show up.


Well, I see 7 new arrivals on the homepage, all of which are in the section “Editor’s Picks”, which means, they are “selected” to be placed on the homepage. Honestly, I would never expect to go a full day with my gigs not being displayed at all. Not even once. Not on the homepage. Not in any search.

I think you should at least make a couple gigs and see what happens. What have you got to lose? It’s free to try it.


I did make a couple of gigs, yesterday. And they have yet to be shown to anyone. In a month, I’m willing to bet, they will have been shown to 1 to 5 people.

They will be shown to a lot more than that. You’ll be able to see your impressions on the analytics page. You might be pleasantly surprised.


Yea, I wonder when I’ll get my first impression. It’s been over 24 hours so far.

I don’t know but I hope you stay and report back in a week or so. I would be interested in hearing what happens when you are new.

Like any search engine it probably takes a few days to index your gig.

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