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Watermark does not disappear!

Hi guys as I understand after I mark the order completed I will get a watermark free image, when is this going to happen?I’ve been waiting g for half a day wasting time to got the watermark free image, but don’t know if it will happen. Please help!


Most likely this is something only you and the seller can settle. :smiley:

Isn’t watermark is what fiverr puts on not the seller, it says that after you mark the order complete five will take it off

If you marked the order complete and you will not get the free watermark image. You can contact with the seller. If this problem not solve. You have to contact with Fiverr CS.

seller can always attach the image directly through chat. no watermark there. that might be a faster option than going through CS


Yes just I’m in Australia and he is in ***********, and doesn’t answer to my messages

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If you have made several attempts for communication and the seller is not responding, it’s best you contact Customer Support.

Hope things get settled!

I actually face a similar problem, it just leads me to a page where I’m only given the choice to make a new ticket. I’m not sure if it’s a technical issue or something.

But do the CS team get annoyed if we open a new ticket for the same problem which they think they have provided the correct resolve.
We should be given at least to review the ticket if the resolve is not resolved to the mark.

Yeah, they sorta don’t like multiple tickets for the same problem.