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Watermark doesn't disappear on accepting

I am having trouble with the watermark not disappearing. Seller has resent through chat some files but not all. The most important file is missing. I have addressed this with rc and they say wait 24 hours. But i want my files now. Its frustrating i have asked seller to resend but she said shes not at home and will do in a few hours. That was over twelve hours ago. And the thing is this is my second gig and first i had to cancel for similar reason. Not all files and seller required my personal email and wanted tip as well as five stars.
This time i gave 5 stars and tip and in the same boat. But at least seller is nice. I think just a bit slow because shes got what was her requirements from the gig. Rc should help me. I think they are a bit slack and don’t bother reading your request

RC? What does that stand for? Do you mean Customer Service? :thinking:

Resolution centre. I am still waiting. They say its how i down load. But thats not right because watermark has come off Univisioned files. Getting feed up.

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Did you request a modification since you are missing a file? The watermark should disappear when the design is approved by the buyer. If you are experiencing issues and need help you can always contact customer support for assistance.

You should know that the resolution center is between you and the seller and not customer support. Just for future purchases, you should never accept or rate an order if it’s not complete.

Link to CS:

It was all there so i accepted. But watermark will not disappear even though it says it would. So seller resent files but not all files. Still missing one and nobody is helping j