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Watermark option in inbox


seller need watermark option in inbox .it will benefits sellers to protect their work before getting paid…
what is your opinion about this.?


My personal opinion that all work with fiverr TOS should happen only on order page after buyer placed an order and paid for your services. And fiverr strongly encouraging seller to do work only after receiving an order to protect sellers from doing work for free.

Otherwise if you are delivering work without securing payment through inbox messages fiverr can’t do anything about that. And adding watermark option in messages can cause a lot of other complications for example like how watermark will be removed afterwards?


yes you are right but being a new seller every buyers want some sample work before placing order ,
anyway thanks a lot for your suggestion .


No, only buyers that want some work for free asking for samples knowing that you are new and desperate for work and you should avoid buyers like that even if you are a new seller and desperate for new orders.


thank you so much @mariashtelle1