"Watermark" policy for digital goods may help a lot


Ethically I’m not even sure it’s a good idea but this would stop a lot of unethical buyers from trying to sneak a claw back refund or ones that are to lazy to click a few buttons for a review. And a "watermark"policy would be an elective policy by the seller and buyer. Watermark on voice overs and audio work would be a rythm track making the track unusable but good enough to hear the quality and results. Both parties understand that in a set amount of time they must finalize mutually that the sale is final. And reviews must be left. Then Fiverr releases the watermark free version. In my opinion there are a thousand ways to make this an incentive. You should be listening to this Fiverr. Makes perfect sense. This would help newbies like me who are reliant solely on feedback. And get poor communicating, Poor quality buyers and sellers on there toes.


Yes, it could be something repeating every few seconds within the audio like a beep or something. It might be better with delivered files that are .wav so that the audio file won’t get re-compressed (possibly lowering the perceived quality).


Audacity the free DAW has great free one. I see voice overs getting walked on daily. Working on a project for 3 hours for $5 because you are a perfectionist and you want a simple review. Knowing that you may not even get a thank you is no incentive at all


But if Fiverr could automatically add an audio watermark it wouldn’t need to be done by the seller, and it would automatically be “removed” by Fiverr (actually just the original file before the watermark was added would get delivered) after the buyer has accepted the delivery.

eg. seller attaches an audio file->Fiverr stores it, and creates a version with a watermark and puts just that up as an attachment for the buyer to download or preview->If the buyer accepts the delivery Fiverr then gives them the file that doesn’t have the watermark.

The seller then wouldn’t need to add any audio watermark, and everything would be standardised with every Fiverr audio file (if the option for adding watermarks is enabled in the gig) getting the same audio watermark before order acceptance.


This would increase revenue .There are always 3 people involved in any sale keep em happy


You’re right about your suggestion, but it isn’t the first time it came up. Unfortunately, Fiverr don’t want or don’t have the capability to inforce this.
As an audio guy, I’m concerned about this as well, and I have had several buyers that ran with my materials after canceling their order for some not satisfactory reasons. They got their quality costume work and I was left with nothing.
I can’t, as a seller, watermark my work by myself. Doing so makes my delivery unfinished and that’s a reason to cancel the order. You must deliver full work, and that’s the problem.


Nope. As a freelancer there are only TWO people in involved in any sale: the buyer, and the seller – the freelancer providing the services. Sellers are 100% responsible for the successful communication in any order. There is no middleman in a direct buyer-seller relationship (which is exactly what freelancing is).

It is the seller’s sole responsibility to ensure a smooth, effective transaction. It isn’t Fiverr’s responsibility to protect the digital files that you deliver. If you need a “watermark” in your audio files, then add it yourself during the order process. Attach the “watermarked” digital file for review, BEFORE you deliver anything. Let the buyer hear the file sample file, before you deliver the approved final file to complete the order.

If you don’t have enough time to do all of this before the deliver deadline, then set a later delivery deadline. YOU have control over your order, the files in your order, and how you deliver those final files to your buyer. Fiverr does not need to step in and police your delivery files, or your ability to be a great, proactive seller.


Fiverr does not need to step in and police your delivery files

Yet they have the option to watermark image files (not all file formats though) so why shouldn’t they also be able to just about as easily, watermark audio files, eg. wav? In theory it should be quite simple for them to do and it will protect their sellers (reduce the amount of cancellations from all their sellers that use the option) and Fiverr’s income (20%) from those sales. So if Fiverr protects their sellers from people who might just take their audio delivery without paying, Fiverr also gain by keeping their 20% of the sale.


The thing is, a watermark on a visual image is applied over an image. It can be added or removed based upon the site display code. A “digital watermark” for an audio file would require Fiverr to edit, the digital file to INSERT said “watermark” into the audio file itself. I have a feeling Fiverr doesn’t want to manipulate copyrighted seller files in this way.


A “digital watermark” for an audio file would require Fiverr to edit, the digital file to INSERT said “watermark” into the audio file itself. I have a feeling Fiverr doesn’t want to manipulate copyrighted seller files in this way.

I think that’s exactly what happens with image files isn’t it? https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/adding-a-watermark-to-protect-your-work

edit: Or maybe it just doesn’t show the download option and just shows the preview images with Fiverr’s image watermark until they accept the delivery.

But whatever they do it could easily be done with an audio file (especially one which is in a standardised format). Read the copy of the uncompressed waveform file add the watermark audio (eg. beeps), make that available to the buyer to preview before they accept the delivery and if they accept it, give them the original (that has never been changed by Fiverr). And with a .wav file it won’t sound worse with the watermark because it’s not been recompressed (it will just sound different due to the added watermark (eg. beeps).

And it would be a bit of server-side site code that does the adding of the watermark to the copy of the audio file, so it would all be automated.

And yes it would alter a copy of the seller’s copyrighted file but only if they have given their permission by selecting the “audio watermark” option.


What buyers are doing is akin to buying a Micheal Jackson album online (RIP Micheal)
and then saying they do not like the words or music. Provided your work is similar to your work samples you know what to expect. If someone writes a script and they are not amused by the comical rendition, its art!
Art is in the eye of the beholder. You have a rough Idea what your getting. People on Fiverr are extraordinary entrepreneurs doing what most people wish they had the jones to do. You should protect the interests of buyers and sellers a like.


Sorry for ruining the party but, unfortunately, non of these will stop canceled orders or PP chargebacks.


Instead of watermarking, upon delivery, they should allow the preview file option but not the download option.
They could add a link to the preview player so that a buyer could link it for review. Remove the fiverr branding from the player to protect the buyer. Then when approved and the order is accepted, the file could be released.
It’s not perfect but it would be a step up from just delivering a 60 second spot and having somebody cancel and run with it.


like I said ethically its debatable. This “watermark” policy is elective to sellers as an option when they set up there gig. the charge back policy would not be enforced once its signed off on. NOW what if a seller starts producing c–p work because he knows he will get his money and feedback regardless. Well that i have not figured out. Natural selection will probably weed them out nobody’s saying it has to be positive feedback.
Also why would buyers commit to this? because they want it quicker maybe or there is a language barrier.
Shady incredulous, or difficult customers would not buy such a gig . Perfect


I think I didn’t make myself clear enough. Once the buyer has his unmarked file, he can claim anything whenever he wants just to get order canceled and Fiverr will grant it. Make a simple search in the Forum and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

As for PP chargebacks, buyers have up to 180 days to file a dispute and have their money back. Also do a little research about this point.


  1. Buyers continue having their files for free.
  2. Sellers continue to have nothing.


I understand maitasun “therein lies the rub” Fiverr has to change its policy first or run with it as an experiment.
We are not selling intangible goods like insurance that has a contract life . Were providing finished products. Try returning a audio book on Amazon and see how far you get, good luck with that.


They can’t - they’re using PayPal as a payment processor - it’s PayPal who state that a buyer has 180 days to change their mind etc.

Fiverr can’t make up their own policy to go against that of PayPal’s, just as ebay can’t, Amazon can’t etc.


This I understand. This is just my rambling.


I always use watermark in PDF or Msw, but have been scammed 4 times.
Useless :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Wonder if its its against TOS to put it in your description, and make it a thing. PAY-PAL cant force you to release a watermark free copy but at least your work is protected