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Watermark remove in inbox

I was made a video for a client. The client is a new client so they accepted the order but sent me a message for minor changes, I made the changes and sent it in the inbox (as order is completed) but now the video has a fiverr watermark on it as it was sent in the inbox. How can I remove the watermark?

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It is removed when the buyer accepts the order

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as @the_mad_duck said when the buyer accpts the project the watermark will be gone…
On the other hand, if you are wanting the watermark at all in your delivered works you have to just turn off the ACTIVATE WATERMARK toggle in your gig page and that specific gig…

by that there will be watermarks in future on that specific gig if you want that…

Both answers above are not related with what you are asking.

If you want to deliver file in Inbox without upper right mark Fiverr you have to deliver in Rar or zip or send Dropbox link.


That’s actually incredibly stupid. If you deliver an order with no watermark, what says the buyer doesn’t steal it and cancel the order. ALWAYS use a watermark. It is automatically removed upon acceptance.


OK. You need to read the topic post before replying, but for real.

He said he already delivered, and order was completed, client wanted revision but did not ask it in the order page because he can’t so he (OP, the seller) send him a video in inbox but videos in inbox automatically have fiverr in upper right corner. He is asking how to avoid that.

And you avoid that by sending video or anything in RAR or ZIP file.

What you are saying has absolutely nothing with what he is asking. He is not asking about the order delivery. That is over, past, gone, finished, finite.

You, what says? You. You working properly and communicating effectively so the buyer doesn’t even get the idea of taking the delivery and asking for cancelation.

I have to deliver 100 images and artwork. Fiverr system allows only 12.

I always deliver in RAR. I never had a cancelation where the buyer took the delivery and then got his money back.

Why would you even have clients like that, and work for them. And how do they think it is even possible to do to you?

All of that is off-topic because OP is not asking what you are replying.

It sounds like they’re viewing the preview video or trying to download the preview video, which probably has a Fiverr watermark (as well as will probably be limited to 720p).

If they download the actual video file attachment (eg. mp4, by right clicking on the attachment link) I doubt it will have the Fiverr watermark on it.

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It appears I did indeed misread, my mistake. In that case, that’s really the client’s fault for not requesting the revision before completing an order. Fiverr puts that watermark in place to avoid doing free work, so in this case just a google drive link will work.

Why waste time and disk space, upload file as RAR, easy and fast, in Inbox message.


How can the client ask for a revision before he gets the file? He gets the file to check it in order delivery and then asks for revision if needed.

In this case and due to the new search algorithm, the client did the best for the seller by not asking for official revision on the order page.

Every revision request and late delivery and any kind of dispute pushes your ranking down.

Yes, but it also has very limited delivery options. Over 12 files and over 1GB must go through Dropbox and ZIP/RAR files and then no watermark is applied.

You prevent yourself from doing free work with proper communication and psychological assessment of the client’s responses. I had a client that was going to make two orders just yesterday. I blocked him.

Soley because his communication was moving in the wrong direction.

That is how you prevent, or attempt to prevent frauds.

The file is delived through the order. You request revisions through the order. You don’t accept the order and then ask for a revision after it is accepted. A seller doesn’t have to respond to a revision request after an order is accepted, so look over your files closely before accepting.

Me personally, if it’s a small fix, whatever. But a lot of people don’t really care. Also, a common misconception is revisions pushing your ranking down. If a revision makes an order late, more time is added.