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Watermark Remove order

Hello folks,
Hope you are all doing well. Recently I have got a message to remove watermark from some images which were taken from shutterstock. Though I rejected to do so, I was wondering if I should have taken the order. Is it legal to take such type of order? Please let me know your thoughts.
TIA :heartbeat:


It is an illegal work .so cancel the request.


As someone who used to sell creative service over many years, it annoys me when people try and profit from another person’s creative efforts. You were completely correct to reject that order request. The watermark is there for a reason - to stop people using the image without paying for it.


Thank you so much I was really confused.

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Thank you for your quick response :blush:

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It is a illegal work.Cancel it

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I think it’s don’t waste your valuable time with confusion. Cancel this…

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