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Watermark Your Gigs

I mostly sing on fiver but occasionally I compose tracks. I have found that it’s best to watermark your gigs before you send out the final copy, wait till the seller aproves the gig and then end the official copy. That way you get paid and the buyer is happy. Also you don’t have to be upset if you stumble across your work on the internet but you didn’t get paid for it. Just a simple way to ensure that you get paid for your creativity. What do you think about that?

Nice bit of advice~!

I’m going to definitely start doing this right off the bat. Just did a nice template for stationery and the buyer said “I’m sorry I don’t like the design.” I’m all for pleasing people who buy work, but at the same time design is subjective. I did the work, it was stunning and great and should be paid. How do I know that she isn’t going to use my file anyway?