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Way to check your balance/credit for future orders-- not revenue balance

Maybe there is a way for this and I just dont know how to do it, but anyways when I go to buy a gig, sometimes it says “payment was taken from your balance” and i am not talking about sales i have made, i am talking about credits i have from a mutual cancellation, etc. is there a way to see how much money in credits i have? if not, there should be.

anyone agree? disagree? or can anyone tell me if this is already possible?

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I am not really following your post, are you trying to find out what your current balance is from your in progress gigs or what it will be when every order is completed?

My credit balance. Because I have ordered gigs in the past and did a mutual cancellation and the money is kept to be used for a future purchase. But it is not avialable for withdrawal. So in a sense I guess its the same as a store credit bc I can only use it for a fiverr purchase. But i dont know how much of it i have. So when I go to buy a gig, i want to know if it is basically already paid for (my credit) or if i have to pay for it.

Oh okay now I understand, I don’t purchase too many gigs myself so I have not run into that issue

Was this question ever answered? I have the same question. What’s my balance for gigs I’ve paid for, but were cancelled?

I have the same concern as lala69. Where can I find my balance for those cancelled orders? Does anyone have an answer to this?

If you cannot find it in your Buyer Dashboard anywhere, contact customer support and ask them.

It seems like redeeming credits is a common problem. Does anyone have an answer to this as I have the same problem? Fiverr step up and help the people that use your service please.

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I canceled a gig because seller was incoherent. I want to know where is my money. I am trying yo contact support but i cannot get through that.