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Way to communicate via voice with client?

I’d like to suggest a talking point:

As a voice artist - I’ll often experience an impasse with a client over the exact performance they’re seeking. Although text instructions USUALLY are enough to understand the customer’s exact direction - there can be limitations that arise. Sometimes, we need to HEAR the client demonstrate an inflection / accent / pronunciation in a way that words simply cannot get across.

Whether it’s integration with Skype (perhaps behind a Fiverr-required login) or a built-in tool that allows us to securely connect with a client, perhaps there’s a solution (or a happy medium) between keeping our information and connectivity secure - but being able to communicate via voice with a customer to help ensure the best product (when necessary).

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

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You can create a Skype gig for voice overs but it would have to be preapproved by customer support. I have seen a TRS with a voice over skype gig. It would be a great opportunity to set up a new gig at a higher price point ;).

Great tip, thanks! :smiley: