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Yea, its a huge number!


I’m glad to see you don’t deal with “adult content” but apparently have no issues with those who promote child abuse as humor. Your 4th or 5th work sample shows a photo of an infant duct-taped to a wall by its parents. That child was removed from the home & the parents arrested for child abuse. Acquaintances reported them to police after they posted the photo on social media, thinking other scumbags like themselves would enjoy looking at it.

traffic_holder said: 1100000+ real people

seems like an extreme number...


I wasn’t a math wiz, but I cannot even READ that number, much less believe you can deliver that many REAL users. I also agree with the initial response if you have a picture of a baby duct taped you should take that down. That’s just wrong.

Also, I think this post belongs in the category where you can offer your Gigs, not this category.


Are you not supposed to promote your gigs here in this thread?