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Way to get order for new seller?

  • You need to make at least 2 unique service gigs.
  • An eye-catching gig image.
  • Use popular search tag.
  • Try to 12/14 hours active in fiverr.
  • Every day, Try to send the offer of 10 buyer request.
  • Share your gig social media everyday.


So you created your profile few days ago and have only 4 minutes read time but you already giving “advices” for others that you just copied from other place?

Did that work for you? Do you have a lot of orders?


Share on any social site.


What benefit would it bring to anyone other than risking health? :roll_eyes: :smirk:

Please, STOP advising people this type of things. People, STOP listening on doing this type of things. This only will MAKE YOU SICK


Thanks for sharing your great tips