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Way To Optimize Fiverr Gig

1.Optimize Title

So, the first thing that you need to do while creating a Gig is to write a Catchy Title that could attract potential clients to click on your gig link.

For Instance, if your gig is related to “Logo Designing” then your gig Title is not optimized if it says “I will Create A Logo For You” or “I will Create A Logo Design”

So, how to Optimize you Title to get more Clicks?

It’s simply by using Catchy Phrases such as “I will Create A Stunning and Professional Logo”,

“I will Create A Logo Design Of Your Dream”

Using title like these will attract buyer to click on your gig and this may lead to increase in potential sales.

2.Optimize Gig Description

Optimizing Gig description is simple. You need to write easy to read gig description that should tell buyer everything related to service you will provide and don’t forget to use keywords related to your gig.

3.Optimize Tags

You can simply use keywords related to your gig service to optimize meta tags.

4.Appealing Picture / Video

Another great way to attract more buyers is to use Catchy Image related to your gig. Better if you could create a video related to your service and use it instead of picture but it’s even Ok to use a picture.

5.By Staying Online

Some buyers prefer to contact sellers who are online so they could place the order as soon as possible. So, by staying online you can increase your chance of getting more orders.

6.Using Fiverr Available Now Feature

Another great feature Fiverr just introduced is the “Available Now” this is currently in Beta mode so it might not be available for everyone at the moment.

By Turning On this feature, if you currently have less than 5 orders in queue you can easily get your gig appear in “Available Now” sellers section.

7.By Joining Fiverr Forum

Another great way to get to know more about Fiverr is by joining the Fiverr Forum.

See this gig link as an example :

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