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hi friends,
Im bharath one of the best video editor since 2014. Im happy to share my experience through this forum. Nowadays this is not easy to survive in fiverr. recently sound heard one of my fiverr friend was demoted from level 2 to level 1. He is an amazing editor even though he did not do his work properly with late delivery and late in revision work. fiverr is my full time work. One thing i learnt through my journey is BE PATIENT. fiverr is a valuable platform to who are self employee. So everyone can try to deep of it and earn more. We a offering unlimited revisions. Unfortunately some customers asking more than 10 revisions. In this situation we are tend to cancel the order. Here Im saying do not accept these kind of thoughts. Take a deep breath and make it possible in 11th try which makes your customer feel satisfy. In the beginning time I suffered more felt give up this carrier. Even i was very patient and tried and tried. Now i remember the quote ‘‘TRY AND TRY, ONE DAY YOU CAN FLY’’. I wish that you also try hard and achieve your goals.

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No doubt.


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