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Way too many Sellers are becoming unreliable

So I’m kind of new here. More than half of my experiences are cancel orders.
First an editor who asked me what what is the right sentence so she can fix it?? Aren’t you the editor?

Then I had a “ghostwriter” who went ghost. Literally, 1 hour before the project was due, Said I was bullying because I asked “will it be ready soon” after having technically extra days … after I apologized she still cancel the order. I’m guess she never wrote anything?

Then I made another order with an editor who hours before project was due CANCELS and lies and said I sent photos not words to edit… the file is still in our conversation and I went to two different computers to double check and it’s definitely the story and not photos … not only did he not say send it he said find someone else??? I’m confused …

Then I had another writer, wrote the worst children story EVER!! The story which suppose to be for 4 year old. Had the biggest words ever, lots of sentences that made noooo sense “tribulations” “bottomless pit” “distress needed quell” and ended the story by saying “last but not least” ??? Am I being punkd?

If it wasn’t for the 2 great Fiverr experiences I would honestly no longer be a part of this community…

My Question is please tell me there are good editors and writers etc. I’m so close to closing my account


There are good writers buddy.By the way what sort of writing are you looking for?


Hey, there are so many good writers and editors on the platform. You need to be careful while choosing a seller, you can better ask for their portfolios and if you see the work as expected then only place your order. Moreover, do read gig descriptions and check the entire gig thoroughly before ordering. Atleast this will give you an idea about how professional the seller is.


Sorry to hear you’ve had some bad experiences.

What kind of due diligence are you doing before hiring these writers and editors? What’s their Level? What’s their background in terms of reviews and previous client feedback? Did you engage them to talk through the project beforehand? If so, what kind of vibe did they give off? Did you come away from the conversation confident that they could complete your task for you?

And, respectfully, what’s your budget for these jobs? Not asking for an actual figure here, but are you paying fair market rate for writers and editors of a suitably high quality?


Did you send editable files like MS Word files, or did you send your text in form of .jpg or .png image files or a similar file type?


Again I’m new … but everyone had 5.0 ratings … reviews were great for example the “ghostwriter” had I believe 200 reviews 5.0 … everyone who review seem like they were satisfied but I don’t understand what else I should look for

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Sorry to hear you’ve had… issues. (Also, yikes on that children’ s story.)

For your consideration (arguments and counterarguments):


2 of them were very confident but 1 did seem a bit cold and short answered … not really responding with complete sentences almost annoyed that I requested them. But I figure their highly rated, busy and maybe confident in what they’re doing … so I overlooked it… … everyone was 5.0 ratings

How long were the reviews? I tend to ignore any reviews that are shorter than one sentence long, or mention nothing of how the seller excelled.
Did the seller respond to the reviews? Another seller here on the forum made a comment that replying to a review can also be a sign of how the seller will treat their client.

EDIT: No, a seller not leaving comments isn’t necessarily the greatest indicator, it’s just one point to consider depending on the category and service offered.


Wow thank you for that tip… I just went back to look and you’re right … she responded to no reviews … all 5.0 ratings and no thank you… nothing… Inwill look at this moving forward … that’s the one that was the most rude…

Though some buyers might not want reviews of things they bought shown on their profile (probably especially outsourcers). The seller won’t know whether they do or they don’t. Normally the seller can only reply to reviews if they first put a review that gets shown on the buyer’s profile. Not replying to every review doesn’t mean the seller treats the buyers badly.


Thank you. I do all of the above and when they send their sample work… the ones I go with is always good… but the work I do get back is horrible …now I know that doesn’t mean anything… maybe it is not theirs and may it is… I will never know…


Thank you for your incite… I really do look over and look again … almost analyzing every word… but I must be doing something wrong … I will pay even more attention next time… Thanks for the advice

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Hi, I am sorry you had such a bad experience! I don’t understand it. Why are you even here (as a seller) if you don’t put customer service and an excellent product first? I am a writer myself, and I have a little ‘competition’ with myself with each order:

How can I make this experience pleasant for the buyer? Is there something I can add that will blow him away?

Also, I never send something that was not edited for grammar and spelling and that I am not 110% happy with. It is my pride to post only my best.

I suppose your sellers don’t have the same work ethic? It is sad because it is the two big secrets for my success here: excellent customer service and a high work ethic. That’s all a new seller really needs to know!


Thank you for that input … I will also confirm this… But I will hope out of over 200 reviews … a seller will respond to at least 1 … there was no response in her reviews… but I will still keep your advice in mind moving forward as well … Thank you

If you check a seller’s profile, there’s something caller ‘skill tests’ that sellers can take. One of them is for English.

And capability. The OP is a buyer, not a seller.
Your own English is quite good, but you’re not a native English speaker.

Thank you very much for that. I will be sure to check your profile out. I love to hear people who has the same work ethic as me… I love getting things done and doing it to my best ability and I take it personal if my client is not satisfied… Thank you

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Yes, I was ranting about sellers in general! I know the OP is a buyer. I am sympathizing with his dilemma. I feel sad because there are good sellers here - and these bad sellers are driving excellent buyers away!


Fair enough. Though it’s not clear from your phrasing.
I write too, but I don’t really offer it as a service. Mainly due to the number of mek-sel-sord ‘bad sellers’ who are in it for the money and not the desire to help people.

To the OP: have you been using the Buyer Request section, or the search bar? (Or both?)

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To help People must be the Top Priority :+1:

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