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Ways of gig marketing

Please tell me about ways of gig marketing, what you know?

I know many things. But I am not going to tell you. YOU are going to have to take the time to learn – on your own – how to reach out to your own unique customers, and encourage/convince them to hire you.

Who are your customers? Where are they located? How might you connect them?

Answer those three questions, and you’ll know “ways of gig marketing”. And, if you want to learn even more, then I suggest that you also take the time to conduct an internet search for marketing a business, and read the articles that show up in the search results.

I am not going to make your work easy for you. Hard work is required if you wish to be successful in business. Be willing to do the research, planning, experimenting, and marketing to achieve that success. There is no other way to build a business.


@jonbaas Thanks.I am already doing gig marketing. Here I posted for new ideas.

I don’t think you’re doing any kind of effective marketing. Otherwise, why would you ask: “Please tell me ways of gig marketing.”

My answer remains valid: Do some research, and learn how to market your gigs effectively. The “new ideas” you can use will be found in your research.


Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee.

Happy reading! :coffee:


Thanks for your suggestion.

follow the steps: click on selling

then select promote yourself copy the link which is given below in share your profile.
share that link on your social networking sites as well as on WhatsApp groups and contacts.

I will help you a lot to get work.
Good luck

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