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Ways to communicate with Buyer on Fiverr

Hello Everyone…!!!

I know Fiverr is the best place to work and communicate with the buyer, but there is no option to communicate via Voice call with the buyer.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand the buyer’s requirements and due to this, it leads to the cancellation of the order.

So, what is the best way to do a voice call with the buyer, and also it should be safe so that Fiverr can’t send you a warning?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you…

Thank You |
abdheshkjha | Abdhesh Kumar Jha
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Are you currently in the middle of an order with the buyer that wants a video call? If so, Fiverr has the option during an order to schedule a video call!


This would not prevent cancellations.

If a buyer is cagey and doesn’t understand is required of them
, that doesn’t change with a voice call.

And very few buyers would accept the hassle of a phone call.

None of the problems you describe are caused by not having a voice call option and voice calls wouldn’t solve these issues.


If you have an option to use a call on the order page, you can use that. Some sellers have that option.

Other than that, there’s no way to have a voice call with the buyer.

You can, however, make a voice recording and send it to the buyer, and the buyer can make a voice recording and send it to you.


I don’t really think there is a way to schedule a voice call with the buyer on Fiverr.

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This is some nice idea. I’ve never thought about it. Incase one day I will need to get into a call with the buyer. I’ll consider using this trick.

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Oh, there used to be a way where you could schedule a video call with them through Fiverr during an order, but they must have gotten rid of it now! Sorry that I couldn’t help!


I think it’s only available to some sellers.

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Yes, I am in the middle of an order and the buyer wants a call to discuss. Where I can get the option for the call?

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Can we use other platform for the call like Zoom, or any other?


If it’s not on the order page, you don’t have that option.

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I have the option to do a “live” voice or chat with buyers - but I have been here for years, so maybe that is why?

I have not offered this service though. I think I have it as an option one would have to pay for.




Could you please share what option you have?

I have it when I go to edit or create a Gig. I can charge to either video or live chat with buyers.
When you are in EDIT mode of your Gig, scroll down a bit and you will see a box you can check (if you have this option) to offer a LIVE consultation.


I used to have that option but I just checked with my current orders and I can’t find it! I think they might have gotten rid of it.

Nope. I have it. Not sure what the qualifications are to get it or retain it are though?


I don’t thinks so. I’ve been on Fiverr 2 months only. I would suggest you ask someone who has been on Fiverr for long.

I hope you had the permission from Customer Support to do it, otherwise it’s a Terms of Service violation that could get you permanently banned.

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Totally ran everything past them, all orders have remain in Fiverr. In fact, I’ve even reported people who’ve tried to push out of service orders :slight_smile:

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That’s great, then! :slight_smile:

Can you edit your previous post to add that you’re doing it with the permission from CS, so that newbies don’t get the wrong idea? :slight_smile:

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