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Ways to get buyers for my gigs

For a week ago i couldnt get anyone to purchase my gig

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Creating a blog and starting promoting your blog is a great choice

You can use the Social Media like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc for promoting your gig.

First I’m actually not sure if your gig photos are very clever or just bad. :wink:

Your descriptions are just (hands down) not that great.
Remember that you have 1200 letters to describe your service as accurate as possible.
What exactly are you doing for them? Why they NEED your service? What are they missing when not hiring you?
Who are YOU? Why should someone pick you instead of all the other sellers out there?
Just take some minutes and think about all of that and come back and write your descriptions again. :slight_smile:

Also, I thought SEO optimization is the key to getting traffic and sales, so use the knowledge behind it for your gig.