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Ways to get paid


Hi everybody,

Could you please tell me which one of the way is the best to me, as a seller, to receive my payments? Fiverr Card or PayPal? Of course, the best way would be that one that would charge me the lower taxes.

Thanks in advance.


Fiverr card / Payoneer.


any specific reason?


For Me Payoneer :relaxed:


It doesn`t charges any service fees and you will get your entire amount without any deductions. :grin:


and the exchange rate ?
Paypal always pay less than the actual exchange rate.


What do you get with a fiverr card? Am I only able to use it via fiverr and can I only use the funds in my fiverr account?


Payoneer pays me near to exact exchange rate.
For ex- If today 1 USD = 68.75 INR then Payoneer will pay me 68 INR.


and paypal will pay you less than 64.
How can I change it to payoneer ?



…not just that, they even charge ~3% at the very moment you receive it. Adding their currency conversion, we end up paying 10% per transaction. So Fiverr takes 20%, Paypal takes 10% and then government takes some %. Half of it is already gone before it reaches us, and when we use it, we have to pay additional 18% GST tax now. A 5$ gig is actually worth 2.1$ after all the cutting.

Which is what makes @taverr’s observation even more interesting. The simple decision of choosing Payoneer over Paypal will literally save you thousands of rupees every year.

@archiemiller830 Fiverr provides a Payoneer card, it can be used globally.


Payoneer seems to be a perfect option to use


@shubh2012 Just click the Bank Transfer in the revenue page and then you will figure out the rest of the process yourself.