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Ways to improve Buying and Selling


Fiverr can be an incredible place, a way to make money or find someone to get a task completed. I am a buyer (with plans to become a seller in the future). I buy artwork, I write stories. My books sales are decent and may be found in the library. I am not the most accomplished author, but I have done well for myself. So why is it difficult to get an Artist on Fiverr?

The premise is simple. I post a task and the interested party contacts me to say they want to do it. We discuss things in greater detail. Talk about a price and date and the gig is offered. This is normally when things go downhill. The Seller at this point stops communicating, doesn’t do the work, and several weeks later asks to cancel. I will provide three cases.

Case #1 – I search manually for artists, see the artwork I like, check a few reviews and contact the Seller. A week goes by and I do not hear anything. I contact the Seller do not hear anything back. Then get a message, oh sorry they been busy have not started. A few more days I still have not seen a sketch. I cancel the order. Suddenly the seller claims they will have the task done in the next nine days as they have completed several other orders. I have no ill will to the Seller (and leave a polite review of perhaps managing the time and expectations better) but for a large task they have not shown they can handle it.

Case #2 – This time I post the gig. I am contacted by a bunch of Sellers in the first day. In my posting I list what I need to be done, title of my book, put a copy of example pictures. I see a person I like the artwork looks nice. The reviews are decent and the Seller contacted me so they must be ready to work right? Nope no luck. After agreeing to do the work and settling on the price I get a message four days later. They finally read the book and saw the pictures which were sent before the book was done. They do not want to do the task for religious reasons.

Case #3 – I repost the task have a story board, example pictures and expectations. The offers pour in. I comb through them carefully and find a few people. I reject a few who are not native of my country in a mix of they may have religious reasons why not to work on my children’s book. We talk, I ask if they read the book. The Seller says yes, I check their reviews out of 45, 44 are great, the 45th still says the pictures were wonderful. The Seller said they could start the moment I accept the offer. I accept the offer. A week later I heard nothing, I see no sketches (package comes with unlimited revisions). I contact the Seller, they were busy with another gig and will send me the sketches later in the day. Next day no sketches. The Seller says they are in a different country than they claimed. The Seller stops contacting me. A few more days runs by and the two week limit for the task is almost complete, no work shown. I contact Fiverr customer support, they nudge the Seller (who has shown several times to have been on, but still doesn’t say anything.) I cancel the order.

So every order is not this way and in fact I have two which have gone quite well, but focusing on the three which did not what could have been done differently? From my perspective I would say honesty is the best policy. If you are going to make an offer, review what is going to be asked, see when you can start, and give an honest start date. On my end aside from doing smaller tasks, I believe I may start with asking for small sample sketches.


For me, communication and honesty is key. When I purchase anything from seller on Fiverr, if they can’t communicate or if they lie, I will not work with them.