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Ways to improve gig. Free Samples?

Hello! How are you doing? I am a new seller in fiverr and I had a few questions. First, I am sorry if this category is not apropiate to post this question.

I joined fiverr close to three months now and I had one customer since then. I would like to know two things. Is it a normal rate considering I joined almost theree months ago? If not, I would really appreciate some suggestions on how to improve my gig. I have tried lots of changes so far. Impressions are in an average of 25 and clicks are in an average of 1.

This customer I told you about asked me for a free sample the first time I worked with him and I pleasantly agreed. From that first sample he saw, he hired me three more times. So, I wanted to know if it is possible or legal within fiverr´s rules to write in my gig description something like: “Ask for your free sample”. I have read other forums about it and I know working for free isn’t the best option but I think it could work to attract more buyers. What are your thoughts about this subject? Regards, and thanks in advance!


Other people never receive a job for more than three months! Hehe, but I don’t know what the general gauge is. It would depend on how in demand your gig is and etc. There’s always an opportunity to improve no matter where you are at in sales level.

Anyhow, I think a snippet of what you can do with watermarks and what not is helpful and yeah I think it’s fine. I’m not sure if saying “free sample” is the right way to put it, maybe be more detailed like what the sample covers. Just for sure don’t do the whole thing of course. Buyers always feel more comfortable seeing what you can do and can even potentially be a longtime return client. I think along the line as you establish yourself more, you will eventually be able to have general samples of what you can do at this price point or a commonly requested kind of gig (e.g. slideshow videos, 60 second trailers), etc.

I know some established logo sellers who charge $5 for a concept sketch, others do free samples…

Perhaps you can study established sellers on your category and see what may work for you.


Thanks a lot! That’s a good idea, I am definitely going to research and try it out. Thanks!

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If giving away stuff for free, you will quickly gain the attention of something other than buyers…

Predators and scammers would absolutely LOVE to see on a gig page that the seller is willing and able to do something at no charge, and will happily exploit you all the while promising to place an order that will never be made.

Your gig page, video, images, pdf (if needed) and live portfolio (if activated) should be more than enough to serve your needs as being the “free” and public sample of your work and should be referred to if a prospective buyer wants to take a look at what you can deliver.


I’m very glad that sample worked out for you. It’s risky, but it also depends on the kind of work you do and what qualifies as a “sample”. In general, my stance is a big NO.

. Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller


That is also true, thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the advice!