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Ways to promote your your blog post and product


Blogging goes way beyond writing quality blog post and clicking the publish button, promoting blog post, especially when they’re newly published is a must, it’s the direct effort you make in getting the content to go viral and notify search engine to crawl the post. While there are “traditional” ways of promoting a blog post; using Facebook, twitter and other popular social networks, I would go beyond the fold this time around to discuss 9 social media tools I use in promoting my blog post after publishing, you might be familiar with most of these tools, but I would discuss in details how I use them effectively in promoting my blog.

No matter how great and resourceful a blog post is, no matter how well written, it’s as good as nothing if nobody reads it, this makes the issue of blog post promotion a very crucial phase of blogging, the blogosphere (Internet in general) is very huge, making it very easy to get lost amidst the crowd, these are various tools that can be used in promoting blog post, in other to get the message across to those that really need it. Please take note that the list has no preferential order.

Twitter: I use twitter a lot, averagely I tweet twice in an hour, leveraging on the power of twitter is a great way to kick start blog post promotion, it’s always busy on twitter, different people use the platform across the globe, hence no matter how odd the time is when you post a tweet, somebody somewhere is actually seeing it, and that increase the tendency of getting the post exposed to actual readers.

Being creative with your tweet goes a long way in getting it to go viral, take for instance you have a blog post about “how to ask a girl out”, tweets such as “How to ask a girl out {link} #dating” would get zero retweet, simply because it’s embarrassing to share that kind of stuffs, chances are something like this “Ladies say yes before you’re done asking her out {Link} #dating #relationship” would get more retweet than the former, the point is to turn on your creative side and get as much retweet as you can.

Facebook: I used to have a not so active fan page for my blog, which means I wasn’t dedicated to promoting my blog post on Facebook as I do on other platform; recently I discovered that I have been missing out a lot, I interviewed an entrepreneur on one of my blog, he eventually shared the post with his friends on Facebook, the post was re-shared fifty six (56) times, and traffic kept coming from Facebook for three days.

Getting people to like your Facebook fan page might not be the easiest thing in the world, but seeing the prospect of how rewarding it is should be a driving force in increasing how active you are on Facebook. To increase your fans on Facebook, I would suggest that you create a pop-up box on your website, that ask visitors to like your page (this should be done carefully, as it may probably be annoying to some visitors and affect your bounce rate negatively), if you have a few bucks to throw around, you can create a catchy Facebook ads with less than ($10), it worth the investment. Share your blog post from time to time and keep the interaction alive.

BizSugar: I love BizSugar (, mainly because the site gets crawled by Google boot almost every hour, my analytics report also revealed that traffic from Bizsugar contributes about 20% of my blog traffic, the most interesting thing about the traffic from bizsugar is how low the bounce rate is (about 40%) an average visitor visits 3 pages on my blog, this is probably because the traffic on Bizsugar is well targeted towards my blog niche (small business). The same thing can be replicated for any niche, if you get enough votes, your shared post might be made hot by an admin, featuring it on the home page, the traffic to your blog would be massive. The key to being successful on BizSugar is interacting with other users, voting up good post and making new friends, it’s like a karma thing, once you make good friends, getting your post voted up would be as easy task.

Reddit: Reddit covers a wide range of topic, if your topic is not listed on the main category, it’s somewhere in the subreddit, getting your post promoted on reddit is very easy, once you target the right topic, and stay active on the website, generally spamming is an offense on the website, hence it’s important to share not just your content but other things you find resourceful on the web, it’s a voting community, which means the high your vote, the higher your chances of getting to the front page, if you get too many vote down, you might get banned from the website, therefore try to increase your link karma, firstly be sharing text post, pictures and funny stories (this seems to do well on reddit), once you have enough link karma, you can then share your blog post with redditors, even if you get down votes, your account is not in danger.

StumbleUpon: I have been using stumble upon for years now, if done properly, the traffic from StumbleUpon is superb, StumbleUpon basically display your blog post to billions of people across the globe, the good thing about StumbleUpon and Reddit is that they’re not restricted in most work place, compared to Facebook and Twitter. StumbleUpon have ads package that allows you to feature your post, I have not used it before, but it sure worth the try, considering how huge their audience base is. Installing a StumbleUpon button on your blog is also very important, as it allow your reader to stumble you post for more exposure.

Viral Content Buzz: Viral Content Buzz is like my new wife (pun intended), it’s currently my number one tool for making my content go viral. You earn points for sharing other users post across various social platforms (twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon), the points earned can then be used to promoting your own post. It’s basically my way of getting other bloggers to approve my blog post, especially on StumbleUpon. There is a pro package on Viral Content Buzz, but I don’t make use of the Pro package since I have no problem sharing valuable information with my followers.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is my first love when it comes to content distribution, what I love most about this social media tool is the time adjustment settings, it allows you to set the time you want your profile to operate on, take for instance if most of your readers are from United states, and you live in London, sharing tweets and post in UK time would not be as productive as sharing it during US peak hour. Hootsuite gives a way around it by setting your profile time to US central time (or whichever suits you), thus your post is shared at the accurate time. Hootsuite also allows you to connect about four social accounts for free package (it gets higher if you subscribe to the paid plan).

LinkedIn: The assumption that LinkedIn is basically for professionals have turn many bloggers away from using it effectively in promoting their blog post, I use LinkedIn, although not as much as I use other platform, it’s a good source of traffic for blogs that discuss professional issues, ranging from business to technical stuffs. Connecting with the right set of people on LinkedIn would make it a gold mine of traffic for your blog.


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