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We all want to make money - let's do a great job

hello everyone!
Many people ask in the forum about the prices, they ask if it is convenient to lower them and make their Gig “attractive” because they lowered prices …

My experience in Fiverr and in the business world (Cloud systems) is the following:

  • Every Gig must generate profits: This seems like a joke but it is not, it is serious! There are people who enter Fiverr and set everything to 5 and think they are having a great career. But I have to ask them: Is your business sustainable? It is a business? What about the quality?
  • Maintain the best service: Closely related to the above, if you have to pay a collaborator Are you sure you have a budget to do it?
  • Winning - Winning: I think it’s about doing the best job possible, with the best technology, using all your talent but getting paid just enough!

Charging the fair is very important to keep the market healthy. We can all work and share experiences and keep Fiverr as a great profit-making sales tool for all of us.

Now I would like to know the experience of you guys!
All those who have also been working here for years and do good business, please leave your valuable comment so that the “newbies” understand that with a low price war all entrepreneurs end up losing. That price war works for big corporations, not for us!

  • Let’s ALL make money! (Sellers - Fiverr)
  • We will deliver the best possible work (clients win too).

What do you think? … Let me know…


I think I don’t qualify to answer, according to this stipulation. Even if I did, I wouldn’t share the thing that’s giving me an advantage.


I understand you perfectly. I agree with you! Nobody wants to share their secret because that is part of their business.

However, I invite you to tell us if you think that waging a low price war and giving away jobs is healthy for your business?

Now that I can answer easily: #saynotospec


Thanks so much !!!
This is it!

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