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We are doomed if we don't rate customer 5star

This is hilarious I just want to share with you guys once I rated one buyer with 3 star because she/he is really poor in giving information to create the banner but after giving 3 star I got 2 star saying that " you are not good enough this is the correct rating" then I sent a private message asking why did you change the previous 5star rate to 2 star, that buyer said it was because my 3 star rating is a dishonest to him/her

lol why do even have a RATING system to SELLERS if we can’t RATE the buyer and he can still change his rating after our ratings that is funny

It’s a joke, alright. A sick one.

I hadn’t even thought about that part of the ARS.

Look how quickly that buyer reacted to what Fiverr is telling sellers isn’t really a negative review, just not quite the outstanding review they know we’re capable of earning! Now they need to assure that buyer that he needs to try harder, next time, because Fiverr knows he’s capable of earning an outstanding review! But don’t worry, Fiverr can say, it’s not blackmail. Sellers aren’t going to refuse to do business with you just because you aren’t an outstanding buyer. Work harder, next time!

Haha wow why do they let buyers change their reviews? That sounds almost as awful as letting the buyer review an order they received months ago.

Is this justified?

Your opinion needed on this.

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Reply to @topgraphic: O_Owhat seriously -_-

I personally think that once a positive feedback bas been posted, the customer shouldn’t be able to change it anymore, same for negative feedbacks tho… I mean, I had a customer post me a 3 star rating after requesting about 6 modifications (the total I do is 2) so once the order completed with 3 stars I rated him with 2 for bad communication and ignoring gig rules… the next day what do I see: I’ve got a 1 star rating from them…