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We are having some unexpected problems

i can’t open my profile this will appear

The site is currently down but we’re working hard to get it fixed! Don’t worry, your account and orders are safe and sound. Please read the FAQs below and check out our status page for notifications on our progress with this issue.

any one know something about this this problem isn’t with fiverr app

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I heard there were some outages earlier. They didn’t happen in my region but I think they did happen in Canada, Europe and some other areas. It’s definitely possible there are some happening again. I believe the earlier ones resolved themselves fairly quickly but someone who experienced one could add more.

If it’s not happening on the app, I would just use the app for what I could until it’s up again At least you could message buyers to let them know of outages. Also try a mobile browser or a different browser just in case. Never hurts to look for workarounds if you have any deadlines coming up. If you don’t, then I’d just wait it out for a little while.

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Do you know something when it will solve and what about our orders we can’t deliver them in our mobile application will it effect our profile

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That was everything I could offer already.