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We are here to drive massive traffic to your fiverr gigs

Do you know that there are over 4 million gigs on fiverr , which means that every sellers has competitors which will surely brings low sales if there is no means to promote your gigs to million list and targeted niche. but with us you are save.we will drive targeted traffic to your fiverr gigs for solid one week and boost your fiverr sales

Sheriff’s note: self-promotion threads MUST be placed in My Fiverr Gigs section


Your account is six days old.

How do you send traffic?

Why should we trust you on this?

I think the place is riddled with scams at the moment @madmoo it really is getting me down and certainly cannot be doing any good what so ever for Fiverrs rep!

They need to sort it out quickly.

It’s easy to be caught!

I just was with another of these daft gigs - I’ve cancelled now but the username was very similar to one I recognized as a reputable seller.

I understand what you’re saying though - buyer beware!

Fiverr are pretty diligent BUT it seems this week the “scamsters” have upped their game and really flooded the place, even via PMs.

Just to ram the point home, I got this half hour ago via PM:

Dear Calderjon,

Hope you are fine.

We are writing from the XXXX XXXX XXXX, a translation, localization and voice-over company located in India.

We work with freelance translators and voice-over artists located world-wide.

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently adding new resources to our database for the language English (UK & US) as we are receiving projects for English (UK).

We are looking for voice samples from English (UK & US) native speakers.

Kindly let us know if you are interested to be a part in this project.

Please send your voice sample(Narration) minimum of 1 minute with studio recording in mp3 or wma format.

Kindly let us know the below details to add in our database.

  1. Rate per minute for the final and edited audio that includes studio cost + voiceover cost + editing:

  2. Updated CV:

  3. Current address and phone :

  4. Studio Set up - Home or Professional :

  5. File Format :

  6. Area of specialization (Dubbing, Radio, Commercials, Audio Books, E-learning, Phone System,ads,Narrations,etc ):

    Awaiting your response ASAP.

    Thanks for your time,




    record a professional UK British Male Voice Over

    Record a professional UK British Male Voice Over

    by calderjon

    16:50 AUGUST 04, 2014



    I’m pleased you’ve contacted me but all of my transactions are handled via Fiverr and as such you can check my samples and rates here on site.

    I am not prepared to send my CV out in response unsolicited requests such as yours.

    I hope you understand.

Yes - sorry - in rant mode - bad week :slight_smile:

I think the most hilarious aspect of this post, besides the fact that some TRS’s hijacked the topic, is that the OP’s only customer (who left a 5-star review) is ANOTHER seller of traffic gigs!

Does anyone think they’ll open a passage to another dimension this way? (after all, we’re talking about “unlimited” traffic here)

“I’ll buy your unlimited traffic gig, send the traffic to my unlimited traffic gig, and so on and so forth, and the ensuing whirlwind of electrons will open a vortex to an alternative universe where selling unlimited traffic is a revered & highly-respected industry!”

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