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Please can you promote my gigs??

Iā€™m programmer and i have 6 years experience in Development: > HTML5, CSS3, >PHP, >JavaScript >JQUERY Mobile > CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop,ā€¦ AND in LogoDesign : >Adobe Photoshop > Adobe Illustrator then i can help you for your task and project. lets talk about ā€¦ :slight_smile:

My profil:

and my gigs





Hi and welcome.

Please put your self promotion posts in the MY FIVERR GIGS section.



Reply to @voiceoverwork: thanks but please can you show me the link??


Hi there. And welcome.

Us here on the forum are mainly made up of members, like you.

In order to promote your gigs we all generally have to do it ourselves to get the most results.

Use your Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, Family and friends to get your gig rolling.

Nobody here will promote your gig better than you will.

Good luck.



Hi again,

In your post is an edit button. Just click it and fix or move your posts.

See screenshot below.