We Are Not Allowed to Share Contact Details, Then How Tackle the Buyers


We cannot share our contact details and then how can we tackle the buyers who want our contact details.?


Do not do it. Your account will be closed


Tell them that it would be against the rules, and that all communication must go through Fiverr.


You can share some contact details like as if you wanted to design business card
you have to give your buyer your email address,phone number …more.,
but you don’t do deal with email,or other media …
because fiverr’s always search and ban like these accounts


Then is there away to work for the client as his facebook page moderator?


Can the client give you login credentials?

You can ask Customer Support how to do that type of work. According to the Terms of Service (the “Legal” link at the bottom of every page), if it’s necessary to exchange contact information, it can be done on the order page. Still, the safest thing to do is to ask Customer Support, so you don’t get in trouble.


ok sir thank you for your time


I’ve never had any problems with asking for business details etc. on the order page - just make sure it’s not passed to and fro via messaging. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. @catwriter is a lady! :wink:




My question is why buyer asking for contact Details? I don’t find any reason here, though we can share everything through Fiverr.


for instance, if the gig involves building/changing/uploading content on a WordPress site, you often need an email address to create a login for the seller.


yes thats the point and what if someone needs you to work as a moderator on a facebook page


At this case, buyer provide you all the necessary information while he/she ordering your gig.