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We can chat on forum?

can chat on forum is any issue or not, chance of any type of against the fiverr rules or not?

You can use the Conversations section of the forum to post about what you want. This section is quite informal. Here you can post about movies, video games, your life, and other people can join in the conversation.

In all other areas of the forum, though, you have to remain on topic.


its mean we can chat about everything on forum conversation section called messages,involve in chat

You can chat about almost anything in this section. You can’t post about illegal activities or adult content, though. You also can’t publically criticize other users.

It’s also possible to send private messages to people, but be careful with that, because not many people like to be privately messaged.

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yes sure brother i will care of it.i not going adult activities or fiverr rules. :green_heart:

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