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We can make our freelance world much better by helping each other

Hi everybody

I hope you all are very well being.

I just thought to start some good discussion and the topic is; I can help anyone as it is my nature and my social responsibility and why you do help someone that is the question?!?

So, I just seek your cool answers.

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We can make our freelance world better by helping each other is your title.

I enjoy helping others … but only to help them help themselves.

Spoon feeding someone is of no benefit to them and for me a waste of time.

That is my take on it.


The very word “freelance” is coined referring to mercenary soldiers who fought for whomever paid for their services. They were not inspired by loyalty or a sense of duty to a liege or country, but instead by monetary incentive. If their patron stopped paying for their services, then they would abandon their cause and look for someone who could afford to hire them.

It’s a nice idea that fellow freelancers can help one another to achieve success, but honestly, there are numerous freelancers on this platform that I would much rather see crash and burn. The account and review buyers and sellers, the thieves and scam artists, those who harm the platform by offering shoddy services and burning buyers from ever purchasing again on Fiverr; I would not want to help them one iota.

There are absolutely wonderful, skilled, talented, and fantastic freelancers on this platform that I would love to assist, share knowledge and advice, and collaborate with if possible, but I would not be helping them by also assisting those who do a disservice by operating without scruples or any professionalism.


hahahahha nice to meet you

bitter reality and very nice to meet you

I agree with @lloydsolutions and @enunciator I’ll only help those who actually want to learn. That said:

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This is corporate social responsibility to help each other for success because love be gets love

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I am not really sure corporate social responsibility is about helping potential competitors…

I agree with what others have said. As a freelancer, you are responsible for your own business. Ideally, you should have a plan for success already mapped out before you start selling. If you need to get things spoon-fed, you are never going to succeed. That’s just the reality of it.


I see it as I have a finite amount of time, effort, and - thanks to my lovely retinal disability - vision to throw at my work, but there is a bottomless well of need on behalf of clients. I love writing as an art, even my marketing writing…there’s beauty in capturing the essence of a product, or a feeling, even for the sake of advertising. If I help steer promising talent towards the overall cause, I’m ultimately helping my industry thrive after I’m no longer able to be part of it (death, blindness, etc.)

It’s also why I’m equally harsh on what I consider to be the scum of the earth - “writers” that plagiarize gig text or try to steal my work (or a peer’s) to pass it off as their portfolio work. It’s one thing to be a bad writer, it’s another to take what I’ve earned in blood, sweat, tears, and ink over a decade and cosplay as me to steal potential clients off my queue WHILE being a bad writer. Trust me when I say I pull no punches and have an ever-growing list of the scumbags I’ve seen “escorted” off this platform over that particular offense.